Did you get the home audio system you wanted for Christmas? No? Well, clearly you’ll have to buy it for yourself.

To some, the holidays are time to foist sweaters, ties, socks and other dull gifts upon their loved ones. Let them foist. Smile sweetly, thank them, then fire up your tablet to browse through some items you want.

Flawed Solutions

It’s true, you can listen to whatever music you want on your phone through earbuds, but as we all know, these have limitations:

  • Your family members keep “borrowing” your earbuds when they can’t find theirs (ew).
  • Your earbuds keep shorting, so you can never hear the backup singers.
    The music doesn’t sound that good because you bought cheap earbuds, because your family keeps taking yours.
  • You can’t hear the stove timer or the dog scratching at the back door when you have earbuds in.

So distributed home audio is really the way to go. This way, you’re hands-free, device free and the sound quality is amazing. You can prepare dinner, answer the doorbell and dance like Uma Thurman all at the same time.

Sonos PLAY:5
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Paradigm PW800
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Get Wired

Today’s options for distributed home audio give you a lot of choices, the most important of which is wired or wireless. Listen to each first — if you can’t tell the difference, wireless would probably be better for you, because technicians won’t have to come into your home and rip apart the walls to snake wiring through them and install speakers.

With or without wires, you can listen to the songs you want to hear in any room you want to hear them.

These systems even can be configured so different family members can listen to their own chosen music in different rooms of the house. (But is that what you really want? After all, these are the people who bought you a sweater for Christmas.)

Regardless, you can hear streaming music, tunes downloaded from your PC or your phone — the choices are practically limitless. And the whole system is easily controlled with a convenient, easy-to-use handheld device.

A Real Mirage

Here at TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters, our go-to audio server is the Mirage, so-called because you can’t believe the band isn’t really there in your home, playing your favorite song. Not only can you stream all your music through this server, but it also allows you to listen to the radio.

And for those who have a smart home, or those who are just starting down the smart road, Mirage integrates seamlessly with many systems, including Savant and Control4.

Mirage Audio System
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If you want your dreams to come true, you’d better take care of them yourself. Come down to TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters to learn more about how to get a distributed home audio system as a gift to yourself.


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