The cold is on its way! What to do? Get better climate control.

The battle will soon start up again. You want to save money by keeping the heat low in your home this winter, especially since those cathedral ceilings seem to suck the heat up like a vacuum. Your teenage daughter, who grew three inches this year but gained no weight, comes down to complain she can’t type with mittens on, so you turn up the heat a bit. Your son, who is already nearly six feet tall and has gained weight this year, comes down shirtless, complaining he is boiling hot while trying to use his chin-up bar.

In the old days, we used to don sweaters, but that’s just crazy talk now. What you need is automated climate control.

Control4 smart thermostat can be programmed or controlled remotely by app for iOS and Android

It’s Automatic, It’s Systematic

Smart home technology offers a wide variety of features, including automated door locks, lights, blinds, audio and more. Most homeowners today are familiar with the programmable thermostat, but that’s not automated climate control. That’s like saying your lamp timer is a security system.

One of the most important features of automated climate control is its ability to set different temperatures in different rooms. And this isn’t just to keep your moody teenagers happy. You can use it to keep the heat low in unused rooms, to make your bedroom cool at night and comfortably warm when it’s time to wake up, to preheat the bathroom for your shower, to cool down the workout room before a run and to keep it toasty in your elderly, visiting mother-in-law’s room.

It promotes personal comfort and saves money!

Economical and Fun

If you’re not sure you’re really saving money, or if you’re just curious, you can use your system to track your energy usage. It will tell you where your dollars are going and allow you to make adjustments as you see fit. Homeowners who love spreadsheets and fitness trackers adore this feature. If this is not you, be warned: It may be someone you live with, and that person may start tinkering with your temperature.

You can save even more on energy costs by automating your blinds to raise and lower at certain times of the day. This feature is good year-round, as you can use it to both block out the sun’s heat and invite it in.

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