The time to make a home smart is when it’s being built. Sure, it’s possible to retrofit, but if you’re constructing a new development, don’t you want to offer your buyers every possible amenity?

As a developer, you know that the type of housing you are planning to construct dictates everything from the size and number of rooms to the construction materials right on down to the very smallest of details. You might be erecting a quasi-oasis in a barren landscape, or you might be knocking down a building on a corner in a busy city to make room for your new high rise. Whether your palette is open space or tight borders, you have to know your market and plan for what buyers want.

Different Strokes

Different types of housing is right for different types of people. Regardless of budget, some people just prefer apartment/condo living — they don’t want to have to take care of big lawns, clean lots of rooms or deal with the headaches that accompany homeownership.

Even among homeowners, some are going to want sprawling McMansions while others will be satisfied with a modest ranch-style home. Whatever their preferences, most consumers have one requirement in common: they want convenience. But what constitutes convenience is constantly evolving.

Savant Pro Home Automation
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Control4 Smart Home
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Cutting Edge

At one time, houses were built without wiring or indoor plumbing. As more and more modern conveniences become commonplace, the list of “must-haves” in a home becomes longer, and smart home technology is the latest addition.

Some people still think of it as a luxury, but if the wiring is installed when the homes are built, the cost savings is substantial. Showing a model home that’s completely outfitted with smart home technology is a valuable selling tool. While many potential buyers will be impressed with the up-to-date functions, others will take them for granted, and these are the potential buyers developers lose if they forego this important feature.

Savant Remote
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Control4 Smart Home Packages
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A/V Tech

Besides the customary smart home functions like lighting and temperature control, automatic door locks and security features, developers on the luxury end of the line often opt to build in whole-home audio and video technology as well. To have music on demand available in every room is expected in high-end homes these days, and home theaters are practically standard in deluxe developments.

TYM Smart Homes and Home Theaters works with developers all over Utah, Idaho and Texas installing smart home technology, including audio and video equipment and security and surveillance systems. We’re the experts in smart home technology — call us to find out how to outfit your new builds with the best, most in-demand features and equipment.


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