Speakers have changed a lot over the years. Sound quality for audio equipment continues to improve, and size and shape evolve as well. For many years, bigger was better when it came to speakers. Advancement in technology around the turn of the 21st century made it possible to get big sounds from small speakers. Wireless models became popular, eliminating the need for jumbled knots of cords along every baseboard in the home.

Eventually it was discovered that with sound, less isn’t always more. Wired speakers can produce a better sound, and though it isn’t necessary to have speakers as large as your refrigerator, the ones that fit in your pocket aren’t going to produce a superior sound product.

 Soundbar for Surround Sound, Salt Lake City


Today’s options in surround sound are many and varied, and the quality is good enough to trick you into thinking it’s live. Soundbars are most often used for flat-screen televisions. Long, sleek and narrow, their style meshes seamlessly with the accompanying hardware. Available in single or multichannel options, some soundbars are Bluetooth compatible, so you can stream entertainment from your smartphone, tablet or computer through your TV. Subwoofers can be added for even greater bass range depth.

Floor-standing Surround Sound Speakers, Salt Lake City, Utah

Floor Models

Floorstanding speakers continue to be one of the top choices among consumers for listening to music, as their sound quality is unmatchable. Their high-tech appearance makes them easily integratable into any décor, and their performance is exceptional. Many models are compatible with Dolby Atmos, a feature that delivers “moving audio,” or the sense of sound moving all around you to heighten the experience of any movie, performance or game.

Architectural Speakers, Salt Lake City, Ut

Architectural Speakers

Architectural speakers pack a punch in their covert design. Paintable to match any wall or ceiling color, these compact speakers mount flush with any surface, delivering wired, superior sound quality unobtrusively to any room. When combined with a whole-home audio system, these speakers make it possible to have different music or programs piped into any room of the house — or even outside of the house!

Bookshelf Speakers, Salt Lake City, Utah

Bookcase Speakers

Bookcase speakers deliver the best sound quality possible in a most convenient shape. Available in a variety of sizes, bookcase speakers fit seamlessly into nooks and on shelves to provide sound anywhere you need it. Superior sound-quality wireless options allow you to move them to suit any changes you make to your home’s layout or décor.


Wireless Surround Sound, Salt Lake City, Utah

Wireless Speakers

The new sound quality available with wireless speakers, coupled with their convenience, makes them a popular choice today. Previous wireless speaker models suffered from latency, or delay in receiving the sound signal, but this problem has been virtually eliminated from today’s products.

Subwoofer, Salt Lake City, Utah


Adding a subwoofer to your sound system brings an element of realism not otherwise achievable. A good subwoofer allows you to hear and feel the lowest of bass frequencies, for a more complete listening experience.

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