Your home’s limited power may require low-voltage solutions to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of today’s lighting and electronics. Most of your lights, appliances and electronics are on line voltage, the cheaper, more conventional way of wiring a home. If you want recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, spotlights or any other type of nontraditional, more modern fixture, you may need a low-voltage transformer.

You may have noticed the proliferation recently of low-voltage LED light bulbs, which are slowly replacing the old-style bulbs. Though they are more energy efficient and last many times longer than the old bulbs, the general public has been slow to warm to them because of their cost and performance. The kind of transformer necessary to power a wider variety of lights, like flood lights and canned lighting, is becoming more popular. Outdoor lighting in particular is an important factor in safeguarding your home against burglars and break-ins. Lights trained on the front of your house, deck and landscaping also can highlight the beauty of your yard, home and its individual architectural style.

Beauty and Flexibility

Indoors, you may want to replace the tired, old chandelier that came in your dining room with a new, contemporary, dimmable model. This isn’t possible with line voltage. It’s also important to make sure your transformer is of high quality and that you also purchase a low-voltage dimmer switch. This will help eliminate the annoying buzzing noise that can accompany cheaper or incompatible models.

Once you get your dining room set up, you’re going to want the capability in other rooms. Track lighting in the living room, recessed lighting in the kitchen or basement — all these fixtures can be set up to run on a low-voltage transformer, allowing you to install distinctive, superior lighting in as many rooms in your home as you desire.

Focus on Property

For developers looking to light up a whole neighborhood, low-voltage transformers are the answer. These can be installed in each home on the lot, showcasing the gables, stonework, landscaping and other features of each individual home. Having this wiring done during the building process is cheaper and more efficient than retrofitting, and it makes the homes more desirable to buyers. In fact, getting the entire home automated at this time takes luxury a step further by allowing potential owners to control their lighting, electronics and security system all with the touch of a button.

TYM Homes is your go-to installer of home theater, audio, automation and security in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area. Call them today to find out how a low-voltage system can add convenience and distinction to your home.


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