Home automation for lighting is more than merely programming your lights to turn on and off at certain times. If that’s all it was, everyone would still use those electric timers from Home Depot. Today’s automated lighting gives you control over not only “on” and “off,” but how bright and what color the lights are, for example.



No Stumbling in the Dark

How many times have you gone to bed, thinking you’d turned all the lights off, only to find out the next morning that you hadn’t? Or, more annoyingly, how many times have you told the kids to turn out the lights when they’re go to bed and they don’t? With a smart lighting system, you can program all the lights in the house to go off at a particular time. If you are expecting a family member to come home late, you can program your system to leave a light on in just one area until that person gets home so that they don’t have to maneuver in the dark.

It’s likely that either you or your teenagers have to get up in the dark in the winter to get to work or school. Hitting that snooze alarm over and over could make you late. Having the lights in the room come on at a preset time can help. You can even program the lights to start out very dim, then gradually increase to full brightness, effectively giving you control over your own personal daybreak.




Teaching Good Sleep Patterns

This feature is good for babies and toddlers as well, who may be afraid of the dark and complain and cry out when you put them to bed. In the old days, people used nightlights, which not only stay on needlessly all night, but reinforce the children’s habit of sleeping with a light on, which can persist much longer than anyone would want. Keeping a night light on in a room all night also can interfere with a child’s natural sleep rhythms. People move in and out of sleep stages all night long, waking or nearly waking many times, and if they see light at these times, it encourages them to wake up fully (and maybe even call out for a glass of water) instead of peacefully drift back to sleep.


Creative Holiday Lights

Multicolor LED lights are popular today, and integrating these with your home automation system means you can choose what color you want your room to be awash in with the touch of a button. You could have green and red for Christmas, lavender and pale blue for Easter, and black for parties. When you’re trying to get dinner ready and the kids keep pestering you, hand them the remote and they’ll entertain themselves with lighting colors and features while you finish grilling that fish. (Make sure you don’t do it too often, though, or it won’t work as well.)

TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters sells and installs full home automation systems throughout Utah, Idaho and Texas. Contact them to find out more about home automation for lighting control, or control for climate, audio, home theater and many other features.


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