How do you want your home theater to look? Design is important in a project this size, and you must plan ahead accordingly so you can get the results you want. It’s true — the most important parts of a theater are the electronic components. But you want to make sure you are getting the full experience. If you bought a Renoir and hung it in a cluttered living room with poor lighting, you would not be getting all you could get out of your precious painting, and the same goes for home theater equipment.


Thoughtful Arrangement

So what names come to mind when you think of home theater? Sony? Paradigm Speakers? Try HGTV. They’re down with home theaters — and decorating! If you’re Googling home theater, you likely already have a room in your home earmarked — you’re not just planning to squeeze your equipment into the bedroom your oldest just vacated when he went off to college. So if you’ve decided on your room and emptied everything out of it, the first thing you should do is measure it. You can use an old-school pencil and paper to sketch out where you want everything to go, or use one of the free online tools for room arrangements.


Right Lighting

If you’ve chosen a basement room or garage, the task of wiring and setting up equipment will be easier, since ready access to electricity can be easily found in the walls and ceilings. This will help you with your lighting plan too. If you have any natural light sources such as windows or sliding glass doors, it’s best to cover these with blackout drapes so that they don’t impact your viewing experience. Sconces, track or floor lighting or another type of ambient lighting is popular in home theaters because it allows viewers to see their popcorn but doesn’t cast a glare on the screen. These types of lighting can also be controlled by a dimmer switch, so you can set just the mood you want.


Final Touches

And don’t leave your walls all dark and sterile like a real movie theater — dress them up with movie posters, or hang metal reels from old projectors for a whimsical look. Drapes help with soundproofing and are easy to put up, but for a look that stands out from the pack, consider installing upholstery fabric on the walls, or padding or quilting for extra texture.

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