What’s the ROI for a home theater? The numbers depend on a lot of factors — your neighborhood and area of the country, what the rest of your house looks like and what your neighbors’ houses look like.

One thing’s for sure: home theaters have broad appeal — almost no one will look at a house for sale and say, “Ugh! I hate home theaters!” They make ordinary homes look fabulous, and they make upscale homes complete.

Wide Scale

Building a theater can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to a million, literally. So if a return on investment is a big part of your decision, you’ll likely want to aim somewhere in the middle. If you think you’re going to move in the next few years, call around to a few real estate agents and get their perspective on home theater ROIs.

Many new houses being built from the ground up have them, and in a way, this saves money because all the wiring, soundproofing and cabinetry necessary with a home theater can be built right in during the process, eliminating any need for a retrofit. These houses often also are equipped with audio in every room and smart home technology.

Best of the Best

A quick search of Salt Lake City real estate listings shows many homes with theaters in the million-dollar range. It’s true — the best home theaters cost more; they aren’t just mismatched recliners lined up facing a pulldown screen in the basement. You can’t take a real home theater with you — that’s why they increase home value.

A good home theater starts with the right equipment, and a good supplier has it all — projectors (or TVs), screens, speakers, AV equipment and of course, seating. Meet with an expert a few times before deciding your setup. You’ll want to see for yourself how each piece of equipment works and which ones you like best and feel are worth your investment.

Plan Carefully

If you are remodeling or repurposing a room for your home theater, you’ll want to get some of the construction out of the way first. Of course, if you’re building walls, you’ll want to build the equipment into them, but if you’re soundproofing and laying new carpet, go ahead and do that first. You don’t want to take a chance that any of your treasured new equipment would get damaged by workmen.

For a free consultation and estimate for your home theater-to-be, call TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters. Our experts can walk you through scores of options and help you tailor your selections to your budget. You’ll never be sorry you added a home theater — especially when you see how much of a return you get on your investment when you’re ready to sell!


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