Should your bathroom have smart home technology? According to a somewhat sketchy-looking website, Americans spend about 1½ years of their lives in the bathroom (it’s more for most women and less for most men). So with stats like that, you want to be comfortable in there. Yet many people’s bathrooms are littered with magazines, tub toys, half-empty bottles of rejected shampoo and a smattering of dog hair.

Time to Every Purpose

If you like to hole up in the bathroom, soaking in the tub or standing under the shower stream, if you use the bathroom as a way to escape your bickering children because it is the only door in the house with a lock, if your teenagers stay in there for hours examining their pores, you are all going to need some entertainment while you tend to business. You can’t look at a magazine in the shower and you can’t read the newspaper while you put on makeup.

Moisture-Proof TV

But is it a good idea to put electronics in your bathroom? After all, motherboards and water don’t mix. But it’s rare today to go anywhere where electronics don’t, especially if it’s several times a day. The truth is that plenty of people have TVs in their bathrooms — you just have to make sure you buy one that is rated for use in a high-humidity area. These often come with a bonus feature — a no-fog screen.

Special Speakers

Radios have been common in the bathroom for many years, but technology has improved over the plastic version you’d hook over the shower rod. With the proliferation of interfaces that control music and sound all over your property, it’s not radios people have in bathrooms these days as often as speakers. If they are installed in the ceilings or walls, this helps protect their components from steam and moisture. If you’re retrofitting, however, go for waterproof wireless speaker. Skip the iDuck, however, a floating rubber ducky that plays music from your smartphone — it’s a cute idea, but most buyers found it didn’t work well (or at all).

Shower Automation

Once you have your bathroom entertainment squared away, you’ll want to focus on the nuts and bolts of bathroom components. Thankfully, Kohler, a longtime leader in bathroom fixtures, has automated many (but not all) bathroom functions. What does their smart shower system do? It allows you to digitally set the temperature of the water, and it has a pause button so you don’t waste precious resources if you have to hop out to look for a new bar of soap or razor.

You can take control of the shower away from your family members as well. Set time limits for showers — we all have to get to work or school in the morning! Set limits on temperatures, too, so your children don’t risk accidental burns from pressing the wrong buttons.

TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters is Utah’s leader in home automation. We bring luxury back to life with the best in home technology. If you want your bathroom to be as smart (or even smarter) than the rest of your home, call TYM today.


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