Earbuds have become like part of our anatomy, but music servers offer an alternative. A music server allows you to play the music you love in any room of the house, and allows you to organize a lifetime of collections all in one place.


At Last — Organization

If you are old enough to own vinyl records or cassette tapes, the music from these can be stored right alongside your CD collection. A different contraption for playing each one is no longer necessary. And there’s no more searching through piles of plastic and cardboard for what you want — it’s all at your fingertips. Not only that, but you aren’t limited to what you own — you have access to any music that’s online like live radio, Pandora or TIDAL.


Whole Home Audio System

You can stream your music through your home’s computers or gaming systems, but for better sound quality, you’re going to want a decent home audio system. The choices are many and varied, among them high-resolution audio, so visit a home audio store to hear each one firsthand before making your decision. Your sound system can be installed in as many rooms in your home as you choose. The quality of the sound depends on the quality of the systems and the speakers. A whole-house music system allows you to create individual playlists for different occasions such as dinner parties, work events or just an evening home alone. Creating individual playlists can be a fun activity for the whole family. Each person can create as many lists as they want — lists for cooking, doing homework, having friends over, doing housework. Various systems have various storage capacities, however, so inquire about this before buying to make sure you are choosing the right size storage system.


Customized Playing

Part of the beauty of music servers is that individual members of your family can listen to different music in different rooms in your house, all at the same time. (Of course it’s better if these rooms have doors, to cut down on extraneous noise.) Imagine it: mom is taking a luxurious bath listening to classical music streamed directly into the bathroom, while dad listens to classic rock out in the garage and the kids each tune in to their favorite artists in their room. Never again will you have to yell, “Turn that junk down!” because you can play your own music over theirs. Control can be set up via keypads installed in the walls, or into your home automation system. TYM’s Home Automation carries home audio and audio distribution systems from Mirage by Autonomic, CasaTunes, Russound, Control4, and others, and will help you find the best fit for your home.



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