The world has come to know the Nest Thermostat as that sleek stainless steel-rimmed beauty that we love to have adorn our walls.

Nest’s looks have been a played a big part in its popularity—bringing the kind of modern minimalistic design we’ve become accustomed to with our personal electronic devices—to the plain and even homely residential thermostat.

No longer ‘wall acne’, thermostats could be gorgeous and something to be proud of. The introduction of the Nest thermostat set a high bar for design esthetic in home control. People love the way it looks on their walls as much as they love having smart climate control with from their phones.

Nest Thermostat in White, Sandy, Utah

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Nest Thermostat In Copper, Sandy, Utah

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Nest Thermostat In Black, Sandy, Utah

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Nest has announced 3 new color options in addition to the traditional stainless-steel, these include White, Copper, and Black for their 3rd generation device.

Nest also works Control4 and with Amazon Echo, the hands-free voice control system that’s taking the world by storm.

The new colors are available through pre-order from TYM and can be professionally installed as a stand alone device or programmed to work with Control4 systems.

To preorder from TYM, including professional installation, email [email protected], or call 801-783-1958.

Nest Certified Professional, Utah


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