You can now get Savant’s home automation app on the Apple Watch, so you can perform all the important functions in your home from the comfort of your own wrist. The Apple Watch, a wearable smart device, is being talked up, criticized, loved and hated, but especially bought. And if you give a person an Apple watch, he’s going to want some apps to go with it. When he sees what choices of apps are out there for the watch, he’s going to want the coolest ones. He’ll download them, try them out and delete the lame ones. But that won’t be Savant’s app.


Home Automation Pioneer

Savant is a leader in home automation, having gotten its start in 2005, when home automation was little more than a collection of TV remotes, dimmer switches and a garage door opener. Savant skillfully wove together the integral components, transforming a once-crude system into a sophisticated, sleek design in which customers run their homes from a screen in their hands.

Savant home automation, Apple Watch, Salt Lake City, Utah


Finger (Or Watch) on the Pulse of Your Home

The general public is sometimes impressed easily, but it always gets bored easily. People want the next new thing. And that new thing is the ability to control your home’s functions with a device on your wrist — the Apple Watch. All the same great functions are available — opening and closing blinds or window shades, turning lights on and off, adjusting the temperature throughout the day, locking and unlocking doors, performing surveillance and even more sophisticated functions, like remotely viewing the visitor at your front door, coordinating music playlists and lighting, and keeping tabs on your teenager who likes to sneak out after you go to bed.


Smart Home App, Apple Watch, Salt Lake City, Utah


Proper Support

For the app to work properly, you must have Savant 7.0 running, and you must have had your system installed by an certified technician. This is one reason it’s always a good idea to go with one home automation system and one dealer — cobbling together a hodge-podge of components and trying to integrate them yourself to save a few bucks can lead to huge headaches. With an expertly installed system, you have someone you can go back to if you have problems, questions or need upgrades.

TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters sells and installs Savant home automation systems. They can install your system for you, or help customize Savant App for Apple Watch to your specifications. Call TYM today for help getting your Savant system up and running in your home and on your Apple Watch.



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