If you’re selling your home, it had better be smart. The buzz in the real estate world is that smart home technology has gone from a perk to practically a necessity when selling a home. What’s tops on the list for buyers today? Let’s take a look.

  • NEST thermostat — It’s no surprise this piece of technology is a favorite among consumers. The revolutionary Nest thermostat needs no programming — it automatically adjusts to your family’s habits. This isn’t just a marvel; it saves you money, and that’s a key aspect of its appealing nature.
  • Lighting — The ability to put all the lights in your house on timers or motion sensors takes a load off your mind, and puts a bit of it back in your pocket. Many homeowners invested in timers for their lights when they went on vacation, but these have to be installed on each light — they’re impractical and inconvenient.With smart home lighting, you can program the lights to turn on and off at different times in different rooms every day. You can even have the lights come on gradually, to help you wake up more naturally. And if your kids forget to turn their lights off — no problem, the lights will turn themselves off. (Now if you could only get the laundry to wash itself …)
  • Security — Everyone wants to feel secure, and the best way to achieve this is to own a reliable security system. Today’s smart home security systems offer a plethora of interconnected options. You can get the standard alarm (monitored or otherwise) with door and window sensors, but you can also get it connected to your smoke detector so that calls the fire department for you if anything is amiss.

The ability for the homeowners themselves (versus a security company) to monitor the premises is a big plus for consumers. Yes, it’s reassuring to know when (and if) your kids got home, but far more “parents” are interested in checking in on their pets each day. Pets have a harder time than kids learning how to avoid the cameras, and it gives owners a good feeling to get a glimpse of their beloved four-legged friends while they’re at work during the day.

Studies show the millennial generation and parents with kids at home (including big kids who move back after graduation), are more likely to buy smart home technology. These buyers are more often looking for homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, for growing or existing family members. If this is the type of house you want to sell, you may want to look into making some connections.

TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters is Utah’s premier supplier of smart home technology. If you are interested in making your home smart before you put it on the market, come down and talk to our professional sales staff and find out what features are most in demand.


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