Home security advances are making things really tough for burglars today. In the past, if you weren’t at home, you had to rely on your door locks and possibly your German shepherd to protect your personal belongings. After many years with little change, the security market is growing in leaps and bounds, as evidenced by the recent partnering of security giant ADT and learning thermostat creator Nest.

Not many people realize ADT stood for American District Telegraph company, because that’s what ADT started out doing — delivering telegraphs. It was 1874, and the telegraph was the iPhone of its day, having just replaced those old-fashioned carrier pigeons. Their foray into security came in the 1890s with the invention of the call box, a device that allowed people to call for help in an emergency. Police, firemen, doctors and others would then be dispatched to the scene. It was the early 1900s when ADT first started monitoring home alarm systems. Little changed for nearly 100 years, until technology took over from live monitoring as the basis for security.


Big Changes

With today’s smart home technology, your home and belongings are protected with window, door and motion sensors, keyless entry and video monitoring. You can grant or rescind access to your home remotely with the touch of a button, allowing repairmen and relatives in and out as you see fit. You can even get alerts to your smartphone when someone is at your door, and log on and see who it is! This is a handy feature even if you are home, since it allows you to avoid political canvassers, door-to-door salesmen and your ex, if you so desire.
Nest, compared to ADT, broke onto the scene a microsecond ago (2010) with its smart thermostat, which doesn’t need programming — it just learns your preferences. If only Nest could come out with a version that makes dinner …


Inextricably Linked

Nest works in tandem with other products in your home as well, such as the smoke and CO alarms, your washer and dryer and even your car. So the marriage of old reliable to new upstart means homeowners will have more choice and flexibility in their options for home security. Security is a top priority for many people, and enhancement with other desirable features such as automated home functions and alerts just makes available systems more attractive to consumers.

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