Controlling access to commercial buildings has become increasingly important in the last 15 years. What we took for granted is no more — security is paramount. Safety of your personnel is always your top concern, but beyond that you want your investment in your office supplies, equipment and inventory protected as well.

Before 9/11, it was easy to walk into most any building and gain access to its offices without so much as a second glance from anyone. Shortly thereafter, it became common practice at state and federal buildings to empty your bags, walk through metal detectors and be subject to search at the front door. Americans became used to it, and the practice spread to private building as well, in an attempt to keep workers and infrastructure safe.


Protection from Thieves

Though these practices make people feel safer, the truth is they are frequently not. Despite having security systems in place, gunmen have gained access to schools, office buildings and business establishments. This type of deadly situation is a worst-case scenario, but it’s not the only security breech your business can suffer. Thieves posing as delivery or repairmen can make off with thousands of dollars in equipment such as computers, copy machines, televisions and more. To keep your workers and investments safe, you need a high-quality access control system in place.
Your building may have a receptionist or a security guard stationed at the entrance, checking IDs and calling ahead to make sure the visitor is expected. But what about before and after hours? Many workers today are on flex time, allowing them to better balance work and family obligations. It’s expensive to pay live security 24 hours a day. The solution is access control cards.


Programmable Cards

Access control cards can be programmed to allow workers entry into the garage or building, use of elevators and telephones, and more. Each programmable card allows you to know which employees are coming and going and when. Time stamps show who accessed what areas at what times, confirming or denying employee presence. Coupled with the use of security cameras trained on doors and elevators, you have a nearly foolproof automated security system.

In the case of security breech or theft, the perpetrator may try to claim his or her card was lost or stolen in an attempt to deflect suspicion, but the added security cameras can confirm that person’s presence. The loss of top-secret company information or expensive equipment can be devastating to your business, so it’s important not just to prevent the violations from continuing, but to possess the evidence that helps to successfully prosecute the perpetrators.

TYM provides all types of security systems for private homes and large commercial businesses, as well as building access control systems, in Utah, Idaho and Texas. Call them today to find out how your business can be protected by and benefit from an access control system.


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