Home automation gives you control, but it can give hackers control too. That’s why it’s critical to purchase a time-tested product and use a knowledgeable, trustworthy company to install it. Otherwise, you could be handing control of your home over to strangers.

As technology grows in leaps and bounds, so does using remote control for more and more of our daily functions. Time was only one family on the block had a remote control for their TV — everyone else had to get up and change the channels manually. The use of remotes grew to control toy cars, audio equipment, lights and more. Today, you can perform all those functions and more when you aren’t even home. But can anyone else control your home functions too?


Inferior Products

A product on the market a couple of years ago — now recalled — allowed hackers to simply view the users’ accounts online; there were no passwords. This type of security breach can allow any stranger access to your home. At best, hackers could play with your system, turning on all the lights, TVs, etc. At worst, they could disarm your security system, unlock your doors and rob you blind. When the manufacturer learned of its mistake, it recalled the product and made some changes.

Many home automation “kits” are sold at big-box stores, accessible to anyone with a screwdriver who thinks of himself as a handyman. Whereas you might be able to install your home automation system yourself, the question is, should you?


Depend on Professionals

You can do research online to find out what you think would suit your needs; in fact, this is a helpful first step. But trusting the employees at the chain electronics store might not be the best way to make your final decision. Going to a dedicated home automation and technology company is the way to get individual attention from staff members who specialize in exactly what you’re looking for. They can run through the pros and cons of each system with you, helping you to make the best choice for your home. They know what equipment is buggy, if a new version is due out next week or if the top-of-the-line product is really worth the extra money. And they do the installation, too.

Home automation installation is not for beginners. If you set up your stereo incorrectly, you won’t hear anything, but if you program your door locks wrong, you could set yourself up for some serious trouble. Professional installers have the skills and experience to properly configure and program your system, and many are certified to do so. Trust them to do this important job for you.

TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters is the leading installer of home automation systems throughout Utah, Idaho and Texas. Their skilled professionals handle sales and installation from the most basic to the most complex systems. Call them to find out how you can automate your home so it is safe from hackers.


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