Some movies are just better on a big screen, and home theaters can give you a coveted second chance to see that classic you missed, or even catch some of your old favorites. It wasn’t so long ago that movie lovers would traipse down to the Hollywood Video store and scoop up an armful of videotapes for a weekend of fun, but no one leaves the house for movie-watching anymore. And there’s no tape. Technological progress has been made in leaps and bounds in home theater equipment, so now that you have the best at your fingertips, what should you do with it?

Star Wars


Action and Sci-Fi

When Harry Met Sally has a lot of fans, but screen size doesn’t matter for a romantic comedy — even a great one. Sci-fi is great on the big screen — you can watch Luke Skywalker battle Darth Vader in the Star Wars trilogy, or have a ringside seat for velociraptors vs. T-rexes in Jurassic Park. Terminator and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark are still tops for action movies (that chase scene is really gripping!), but don’t forget that other popular series among manly men with home theaters — Bruce Willis’s Die Hard. People like the earlier ones best, but for sound quality, start with No. 4.

Wall E


With the Kids

If you’re wondering what to watch with a kid, that’s easy: Wall-E. As the Academy Award® winner for Best Animated Feature, Wall-E’s technological prowess is legendary. If you missed it in the cinema, now’s your chance. Of course all of the Harry Potter movies are amazing for home theater as well — when Harry yells, “Expecto patronum!” you just know those dementors are going down. Sometimes hailed as the best movie ever made in 3D, Avatar is an incredible experience at home as well.

Planet Earth



Superior cinematography is not just for Hollywood, though. Planet Earth, a BBC series depicting all the globe’s corners, is a masterpiece. Watch from above as herds of elephants move across the plains of Africa, see a seal swimming for its life with a great white shark in hot pursuit and observe the mating dance of the elusive bird of paradise.

Blu-ray versus DVD can matter with some of these choices, so check out ahead of time which version is better for the movie you have chosen.

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