Home theater seating has replaced sitting on the sofa or some old beanbag chairs to watch movies or television. You’ll never need to enter a movie theater again. Once you’ve got your home theater system installed, you’re going to need somewhere to sit to watch the game or the latest streaming action movie. Your old recliner isn’t going to cut it. You need something new, shiny and leather. Enter the home theater seats. With high backs, lumbar support and built-in footrests, they’re so comfortable you might have trouble staying awake until the end of the show. Many chairs come equipped with power controls so you can choose just the right reclining angle for you. If you choose one with a wallaway design, your seats can be placed mere inches from the wall and still be fully functional.

Home Theater Seating, Salt Lake City

Everything at Your Fingertips

Armrests on this type of seating are much more than a place to rest your arms — they hold remote controls, snacks, glasses and any other small items in need of storage. Each armrest comes with a built-in cup holder, eliminating the necessity for coffee tables or end tables. Many varieties of cup holders pop out for easy cleaning as well. People generally order seating in sets of two, three or four. For those who need more, extra sections and rows can be added on. Various designs are available in a number of fabrics and colors. Black, brown, white and red are the most popular for leather; patterned and plush fabrics are available as well. Home theater seats are not only comfortable, they’re sturdy. Built in the style of commercial theater seats, they are designed to hold as much or more weight than a standard recliner.


You Can’t Beat the Convenience

The cost of this seating is comparable to the cost of any standard recliner; the savings are reaped by not going to a movie theater! Make your own popcorn, buy your own soda (hell, it’s your house, have a beer!), save money and use your own bathroom. Plus, you don’t have to put on a hat and boots and trudge through the snow and cold to be entertained — your entertainment is right in your own home. The cost of shipping these chairs can be a factor, since they are rugged and built to last, but TYM of Salt Lake City offers free on orders of three or more home theater chairs. TYM sells several brands of home theater seating and can help you decide which one is best for your home.  

Visit TYM’s Home Theater Seating page to learn more.


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