When you are ready to upgrade your home theater system, should you get a projector or another TV? It’s a good question, and it deserves thoughtful consideration. Neither choice is cheap, and you’ll likely have to live with your selection for a number of years. Each choice has its pros and cons, and some of them depend on your particular home and your personal preferences. Read on to find out what people love (and hate) about projectors and TVs.


See the Light

It’s understood that projectors are cooler. That’s why they’re more expensive. But you have to have the right space for them. Basements and garages are ideal. Why? There are no windows. The smallest amount of ambient light can ruin your viewing experience. Although technology has improved since the days of those pale images of football players you’d see in sports bars, a projector is still a projector, and it needs darkness to work properly. Although light can also affect TV viewing, it’s mostly in the form of a reflection from a lamp or bulb, which can be switched off. Today’s LCD TVs seem almost as bright as the sun, in fact, so if you get one of these, ambient light isn’t going to be a problem for you. Plasma screens, however, can sometimes look washed out in certain environments, so make sure you know how it’s going to look in your home before you invest in plasma.


Location, Location, Location

Where will you put the projector? Many people mount theirs on the ceiling. Since many home theaters are located in basements, however, you have to take headroom into consideration with this choice. It’s true that screens don’t take up too much room ― they’re wafer-thin ― but they take up plenty of wall space. You may devote the lion’s share of a wall to your screen ― no furniture, windows or art for that wall. Some people try to save money by using the wall itself as a screen. This can work, but your walls have to be in pristine shape, otherwise your movies will look like the ones you see at the outdoor summer movie series shown on the wall of your local mall. A retractable screen saves space, and if you have the cash for one, pressing that button and having the screen appear/disappear will likely impress your friends and relatives. The TVs of today are practically as thin as projector screens and are also easily mounted on the wall, but they aren’t nearly as big as projector screens. Even the biggest ones don’t compare to a projector screen. This can be a plus for some people who don’t want to devote precious real estate this feature. Just make sure you get your TV professionally mounted. A mistake could cause it to come crashing down, costing you thousands.


Comes Down to Money

If you have the right space and your budget can handle it, a projector is going to give you a better viewing experience. The images are huge, the contrast and resolution are high ― it’s like you’re right alongside Indiana Jones as he discovers the lost arc of the covenant. But if a projector isn’t in the cards for you right now, you have plenty of high-quality TV options. Consult TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters if you are in the market for new home theater system components. Their experienced staff can help you navigate the complicated waters of choosing between a projector and a TV for your home theater system.


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