Proper training and certification in the installation of audio, video and surveillance equipment is critical in getting the job done right. Plenty of DIYers attempt to install their own systems and equipment, which can be a good learning experience for them. But when you hire someone to wire your home, you want to make sure that person or company is trained, experienced, certified and insured.


Licensed Professionals

Wiring is among the more delicate projects undertaken around the home. A mistake made with wiring can result in a nonworking system at best, and a life-threatening accident at worst. Purchasing a system, unloading it from the box and connecting the parts might be confusing for some people, but others can manage well. When that system needs to be wired into your home’s electrical supply, a professional is called for. In fact, in most places, the law requires that if a non-licensed professional does electrical work, a licensed electrician must sign off on the job before the customer can begin using the new fixtures or equipment. This is not a money-making gimmick, but an important safety measure meant to ensure the work was completed correctly and that there is no risk of fire or injury.


Proper Training

Many audio and video equipment makers offer training and certification courses in how to install their equipment. Each system has similarities, but all have differences as well. Learning on the fly is possible, but having training in individual systems ahead of time ensures the process will go more smoothly, more quickly and that you will get the end result you want. Sony, THX, Dolby, Nest, Savant, and Control4 all provide training in installing the equipment they manufacture. Whatever system you ultimately choose to go with, ensure that your technicians are trained and experienced in setting up these systems.


Customer Service

The job isn’t done when the last wire is connected, either. Ongoing customer support is critical. Too often after technicians or service providers have completed a job in your home, they are never to be seen again. Whether the product was not installed correctly, you were not instructed thoroughly in how to use it, or you just need help or advice, your service provider should be available to help see you through the learning process. A certified technician is familiar with all the ins and outs of the product and can likely quickly pinpoint a problem that could take you hours — or days — to figure out.

TYM brings luxury audio, video and surveillance equipment into the homes and businesses of the Salt Lake City, Utah, area. For quality sales, installation and service of your audio, video or surveillance systems, call TYM. Their technicians are trained and certified to install the latest and most popular electronic entertainment systems.


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