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Prewiring your own Smart Home and Home Theater should be a fun adventure, but it can be overwhelming if you aren’t careful. Proper system design needs to support immediate system needs, as well as future technology and expansion. Cable management needs to protect the wire from other trades, and align with code requirements. You need a solid plan to minimize the schedule, and a checklist so you don’t forget any critical items.

We talk to homeowners all the time who start prewiring, but get discouraged because they underestimate the project. It’s easy to see why. Pulling a wire is pretty easy to do, but there’s lot more to consider with prewiring than you might guess. Our experienced designers spend 4-6 hours designing large projects, and then the design goes to a lead designer for review.

If you’re reading this, I’m betting you’re thinking about prewiring your own home. We can help! We started our Prewire Design Services to help people just like you.

Everyone needs a Smart Home

At TYM, we want everyone to enjoy a Smart Home. It’s the coolest part of the home. Since we opened our doors, we’ve been trying to bring Smart Homes to people at the most affordable prices. Helping you prewire your own home, is just one small way we can do that.

That’s why we created the prewire design services. We want to take the worry out of the process for you. We want it to be fun! I mean come on it’s a Smart Home. Our comprehensive Prewire Design Services should give you everything you need to prewire your home with confidence.

Introducing Our Online Prewire Design Service

Our Prewire Design Service is a complete resource that will walk you through the entire process of prewiring your Smart Home & Home Theater.

This is a comprehensive design plan.  A member of our team will spend 4-6 hours designing your system, and a lead designer will approve the plans. You’ll receive a copy of your design plans, with a prewire checklist, a parts list, and estimated schedule.

You can send it back the plan with notes for a final revision.  We’ll adjust locations, design plans, checklist and parts list, and send you a final plan.  This plan will have everything you need to prewire your own system, or hand off to your electricians.

Here’s what’s included with your Prewire Plan:

  • A professionally designed Prewire Plan.  A member of our award winning team will design your system.  It’s a comprehensive design, and will include prewire for Whole Home Audio, Home Theater, Secondary Surround Systems, Surveillance, Security, and more.
  • You’ll receive a PDF file that can be viewed on desktop and mobile.  It includes an easy to follow legend, with sufficient notes for you to prewire your own home, or hand the plans off to your electrician.
  • A Prewire Guide – a quick reference of cable types, and requirements for everything in your prewire design.
  • A Complete parts list – an estimate of your cable needs, cable management, tools, as well as estimated project costs.
  • Estimated schedule – how much time you should plan to complete the project, and tips for coordinating with other trades on the project
  • A Prewire Checklist – a quick reminder of everything you have to do to finish the job.  You can be sure you don’t forget any critical items

3 Easy Steps

Buy & Send

After your purchase the design service, you will receive an email with instructions on how to send us your floor plans. Include any special requests—like surround sound in the Master Bedroom, or TV in the Master Shower. Typically, we will design your home with “The Works” and then make changes as requested during the revision process.


Review & Revise 

After you receive your initial design plan, you’ll have an opportunity to make any adjustments or changes that you like. You may want to move a TV from one wall to another in a room, or add an additional item. Make a list of any changes you want and then send the plans back to us.

Final Prewire Design

TYM will send you the finalized Prewire Design Plan of your dream smart home. This will include the revised floor plans with color-coded, easy-to-read icons, a wire/cable guide, notes, and complete project estimates.

Let the fun begin!

Our Helpful Resources

When you choose TYM’s Prewire Design Services you have access to ALL of these resources.

Prewire Quick Guide

The Prewire Quick Guide gives you an easy-to-read Quick Guide that denotes the different types of wire/cable you will need to prewire your home.

TYM’s Blogs & Podcasts

We publish new blogs and podcast every week that will help you make informed choices about your own home’s prewire design.

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Want to Prewire Your Own Home — We Can Help!


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A Special Note From

Matt Montgomery

co-Founder of TYM

Hi, I’m Matt Montgomery, co-founder of TYM. We created this Prewire Design Service to help you create the smart home and home entertainment system of your dreams. With our help, I’m confident you can prewire your own home! 

Since we opened our doors, my team and I have tried to bring Smart Home technology to as many homes as we possibly could.  We’ve installed thousands of Smart Home systems.  In the last three years we’ve wired up over 1,000 Smart Homes, including numerous award-winning parade of Homes where we were a main feature of the home.  I’m confident our experience, our team, our designers and the Prewire Design Service is the best resource available to help you with your prewire design plan.  

We look forward to hearing all about your project and working with you.

Our Guarantee

We obviously don’t think there’s much risk in purchasing our Prewire Design Services.  No buyers blues here, we’re confident you’ll be happy. But to be sure you feel good about the purchase, give our Prewire Design Services a try.  If you just honestly don’t feel like it helped you with your Smart Home, tell us within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund you the money—no questions asked.

Note: This works on the Honor System. Please don’t abuse it.

Buy Your Prewire Plan Today

Special Offer:  $295*

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$295 Buys:

  • Professional Custom Prewire Design, including one revision
  • Materials list, and time estimate
  • Prewire Quick Guide
  • Our Helpful Resources: Blogs, Podcasts



Award-winning home technology designer Matt Montgomery details step-by-step instructions on how to prewire you home for audio/video and smart home automation.

Over 70 pages of detailed instructions, how-to photos, and pro tips on everything from blinds and security to home theater and surround sound.


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