The ease and luxury of Savant home automation just got a whole lot more affordable.

Savant Systems has announced an all-new ‘Smart Host’ home controller. This all-in-one hub brings the power and convenience of Savant automation to the mid-market at an MSRP of $999—making Savant home automation more affordable than ever. This new model is more powerful, and 40% faster.

“The all-new Smart Host allows our Authorized Integrators to offer Savant’s best-in-class premium automation software at an incredible value,” said Savant Systems CEO, Willam Lynch “… starting this May it’s going to be powering the next generation of Savant Homes.”

Smart Host integrates climate, lighting, whole-home audio, home theater, and security with the ease of the award-winning Savant App. Basically, an entire home under the control of a single, easy to use app.

The Savant App—a beautiful, yet powerful user interface—will gain new features in May, bringing even more control into the hands of users. The Savant App is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


Savant App, Home Automation, Salt Lake City, Utah



Metropolis Wireless Lighting

Also announced, the reinvented ‘Metropolis’ wireless lighting system which features a sleek new esthetic with controls for switches, dimmers and fans. The new Metropolis line is available for preorder now, and will begin shipping in May.

Savant's Metropolis Wireless Lighting, Salt Lake CIty, Utah



“Clients love Savant App. It’s easy to use, has an elegant interface, and it’s deceptively powerful. This all-new Smart Host, with it’s lower price point, makes the luxury of Savant automation more accessible to more builders and their clients than ever before.

… Savant automation gives builders a tremendous advantage when courting potential clients.”

–Matt Montgomery, President TYM LLC.


The new Smart Host, Metropolis wireless lighting system, are available for pre-order now, and will ship in May. As an authorized Savant integrator, TYM is offering FREE consultations and estimates for builders interested in incorporating Savant into their homes. Contact Matt Montgomery, at [email protected] to learn more.


TYM is an authorized Savant Integrator


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