The biggest reason consumers today adopt smart home technology is security, according to the 2015 State of the Smart Home Report, recently released by Icontrol Networks. People love their things, but even more they love their lives, and the lives of their family members, and this is what drives them to purchase a smart security system. Security gets better and more high-tech every day, and the level of safety that top-of-the-line systems can provide is higher than ever.


Protection from Harm

Ninety percent of consumers surveyed said personal and family security was their top motivator for buying a smart home system. Studies show that homes without security systems are more than twice as likely to be broken into than those with systems in place. This is good news if your home is protected by a security system, but the kind you have and how it works also matter. Time was that the little plastic sign in the front yard announcing the name of your security company was intimidating enough to keep thieves away. But burglars soon learned that the presence of a sign isn’t always a strong indicator of the presence of an actual working system. Your security system has to be sophisticated enough to foil an experienced burglar.


Unwelcome Encounter

Worse than having your home broken into and your possessions rooted through and stolen is experiencing a break-in firsthand, when you are perhaps sleeping or merely relaxing in your home. Most burglars want to avoid encountering homeowners if possible, so if they find you or a family member at home, they could panic and do something rash, compromising the safety of your loved ones.


Fire and Other Dangers

A critical component of new smart home security systems is their ability to intervene in the case of fire or a carbon monoxide leak. Although most homes are equipped with smoke detectors and CO alarms, they’re not always reliable, as you can see from reading the news each day. Frustrated homeowners remove batteries from smoke detectors when they keep sounding false alarms, or they forget to change the batteries, or the detectors themselves malfunction. A smart home security system detects not just smoke, but suspicious areas of heat and not only warns you, but calls the fire department for you. Depending on where your home is located, a sounding smoke detector may do nothing to save your house if no one is home at the time.

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