Wireless home audio is becoming more popular than quirky cat videos on YouTube. Everyone wants to be connected, but they don’t want wires, so wireless is the way to go. According to a leading research and forecasting company, the home audio market keeps growing, and wireless speakers are muscling out A/V receivers and other traditional wired media by a wide margin.

Wireless speakers first found their way onto the market in the ’90s, when the new technology seemed too good to be true – like magic. Perfecting the technology was challenging – it was easy enough to send a signal via radio wave, but signal strength issues threw a monkey wrench into the works. The solution was to go digital. Since then, the industry has seen steady growth and improvement.

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Pros and Cons of Wired

Wired speaker systems definitely have their benefits. They’re powerful. They’re reliable. They give you lots of options. But they can get expensive and cumbersome, especially if you have to retrofit. If you are building a new home, wired is probably the way to go, because you can have your components built into every room of the house – and the outside as well. But if your house was built without wires for sound, it can be a job adding it after the fact – drilling, snaking, patching, plastering. The new wireless speakers are so much improved that you would likely do better going the wireless route in these cases.

Time was, wireless speakers were handy and portable, but weak. Today’s speakers are more powerful, and if they lack anything in sound quality, they make up for it in ease of use and convenience. A home wired for sound hides much of the hardware behind walls, but not anywhere near all of it. Each component needs wires – some to connect to power and others to connect to each other. The nests of wires behind your equipment is bad enough, but the ones running along the baseboards are downright ugly. A wireless system cuts out all that ugly and produces beautiful music for you – sans wires and cables.

NEW Sonos PLAY:5, Salt Lake City, Utah

Quality + Convenience

Wireless speakers are not just attractive, they’re portable. Want to listen out in the garage while you tidy up your garden tools? Just take your speaker along. Dining room, living room, bathroom, basement – wherever you want sound, you can get it. Yes, wired speakers can deliver sound to every room too – every room that’s wired for it.

TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters carries a wide selection of high-quality wired and wireless audio equipment. Whether you are building a new home or outfitting your current home, TYM can help you select the right audio equipment for you, as well as provide expert installation. Call TYM today to find out more about wired and wireless home audio systems.


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