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How To Add Amazon Alexa To A Control4 System

Control4 has partnered with Amazon’s Alexa to bring hands-free voice control to your smart home.


Voice Control for your entire home

Setting up Amazon Alexa with your Control4 system is something you can do yourself — no technician required. This page will teach you how to set up and customize Alexa to control lighting, thermostats, audio, and even your TVs.

Watch Amazon Alexa and Control4 in action


What you need to set up Amazon Alexa with Control4



First, You will need a Control4 smart home system installed in your home that’s running OS 2.82 or higher.



Second, you will need an active 4Sight subscription from Control4. 4Sight allows you to remotely access your system.



Third, you will need at least one Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot (2nd Generation) — use as many as you like.


How to set up Amazon Alexa with Control4 videos

These two videos will guide you—step-by-step—through the installation and customization process.

Start with “Connection Amazon Alexa Voice Control To A Control4 Home”.


Documentation for setting up Amazon Alexa with Control4:


Alexa Quick Start Guide


Alexa Frequently Asked Questions

TYM is proud to be a Control4 custom integrator.

TYM is proud to be a Control4 custom integrator.

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