Flatscreen TV vs Projection. Which is Better?

Quick disclaimer before we dive into this topic.  This will not be a technical post at all.  This is just a very basic answer to a very common question. With that in mind, lets answer the question. Usually with ‘Which is Better’ posts, we talk about... read more

How Much Does Home Audio Cost?

Above: Savant App on iPad for whole-home audio control Before we dive into pricing for Whole Home Audio, here’s a link to an article on the 3 major components of a Home Audio System. I think the pricing makes more sense once you understand how Home Audio is... read more

How Our New DIY Home Security Service Works

ABOVE: SHOWING BASE PACKAGE PLUS OPTIONAL UPGRADES Since launching our DIY Security program, we’ve been getting more and more calls and emails asking us how it works, and if it’s really that easy? ABSOLUTELY! Anyone can do it. There was a day when you... read more

Sonos vs Play-Fi, Which Is Better?

By now, most people have heard of Sonos audio.  Play-Fi by DTS is less known, but its star is definitely rising.  Which begs the questions, which platform is better for your wireless home audio, Sonos or Play-Fi? When we look at which product, or platform is best, we... read more

Top 7 Smart Home Problems And Solutions

If you’re thinking about buying a Smart Home, odds are you have a friend or relative whose told you their system is buggy and unreliable.  You’re probably wondering if that’s true?  Well I have good news, and bad news. The bad news first.  Yes, a... read more

How Much Does A Smart Home System Cost?

How much does a Smart Home and Audio/Video system cost? Understandably, if you’re designing a new home — or remodeling an existing one — you want to know how much to budget for cool tech. The challenge with throwing out a blanket price is that Smart... read more

Secondary Surround Sound Systems

Surround Sound systems are a fun part of any home.  Most of our clients come to us planning to use a Surround System in their Media Room or theater, but most people haven’t considered their Secondary Surround options. What is a Secondary Surround?  It’s... read more
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