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Electronic House Home Of The Year Awards 2018

Best Home Theater $25K – $50K



Photography by Brad Montgomery

The Galaxy Theater

This clients project was long in the making. We first met them shortly after they purchased their home. They needed some help finishing off a Savant System for the main floor of the house.

A fellow AV enthusiast, He had an unfinished basement and asked us if one corner of his basement would work for a theater when he finished it off.

We kicked around a few fun ideas and wondered if we’d hear back.

A year later the clients came to our Showroom to look at Theater Solutions. They own a Steel Company and had ideas about incorporating a Steel theme into their theater.

When they saw our Star ceiling they said instantly, that’s it! I’m going to have a Galaxy theater, with a steel sign over the door.

The client even made a custom sign from Plasma Cut Steel, and we think it looks pretty cool.

The clients have a house full of kids and wanted a theater where the whole family could hang out, but where they could occasionally relax and get away. It needed a perfect balance.

Beanbags, Leather Seats, Fiber Optic Stars, 4k Projection, and a full Dolby Atmos Surround Sound, it’s the perfect fit.

Scheduling a time to photograph the home was difficult because a different member of the family had it schedule out each night to use with friends or a party. And the client told us he and his wife regularly come down to the theater not even to watch movies, but just to sit and relax and enjoy the stars.

The Galaxy theater features a Sony VW675ES 4K Projector with a 138” 2:35 acoustically transparent, 4k screen from EPV. The Dolby Atmos Surround setup features Paradigm CI-Elite Speakers throughout and an Anthem Receiver. Savant App, Savant Remote, and Alexa run the theaters lighting and Audio/Video Controls.

And as of course as a finishing touch, the client asked for their very own Tym Signature Star Ceiling, with 5 miles of fiber optic cable hand threaded into the sheetrock during construction. Each Tym star ceiling is totally unique and features a hand-painted mural by Tym’s very own creative director.

Unfortunately it wasn’t ready in time for photos, but the client is cutting steel to make custom Movie Reels that will house photos of famous movie characters to decorate the back wall, but needless to say, the client went all in on this Theater.

From the sounds of it, the theater is running around the clock for family, friends, and neighbors. Sounds like it was just the Theater the client’s hoped for.

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