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Custom home builder: HardRock Homes
Photography by Brad Montgomery

Broncos Fan Theatre

During the 2016 Salt Lake Parade of Homes, an agent approached one of our designers and said, “My client needs a home theater”. Well, that’s what we’re here for. She then added, “Can you do a walk-through today?” She explained the home was already framing, so we would need to meet the clients, get to know their home and lifestyle requirements very quickly.

This particular client—now one of our favorites, loves football, and loves the Denver Broncos in particular—and we mean LOVES in all caps. He wanted a Bronco-themed home theater with the very best in projection, audio, automation—and of course—the biggest possible screen possible!

The theater would be in the basement under a suspended slab garage. During the quickly-arranged walk through, our lead designer Matt Montgomery sat the client on an adjustable chair and then spray painted screen options onto the foundation walls. This allowed the client to actually visualize his home theater. It’s a crude, but effective method.

It was decided that a custom-sized Draper Clarion 2.40:1 anamorphic widescreen would be the best choice. After all, this Broncos-themed theater would also be hosting some awesome movie parties.

Being an exuberant football fan meant that his seat, needed to have the best view of the screen, the best audio, and also, the projector would need to out of his way when he jumped up to cheer for his team. Everything about the theater was then designed around his seating location.

The entire home would be wired for audio, 4K video distribution, TVs, automation, surveillance and security. We had shown the client Savant home control at the Parade—and that was what he chose for his home. So this turned into a large whole-home project in addition to the Broncos-themed theatre.

We created one of our signature custom fiber optic star ceiling, permanently installed into the sheetrock, complete with custom mural. If you can’t be at Mile High Stadium for the game, then we can create the feeling of being under the stars with your fellow fans, #UnitedInOrange! There is only one row of seats. The lower level has large blue bean bags so that nothing blocks the clients view (bean bags arrived after photos)!

A 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos/DTS:X system with Paradigm CI Elite in-wall and in-ceiling speakers powered by Anthem creates a truly immersive audio experience. The Sony 4K projector with HDR produces sublime imagery on a 155-inch custom Draper screen. Savant provides elegant and easy-to use voice-controlled automation for the AV system, as well as the lighting and climate. Even the stars can be controlled from the app.

A portion of the back of the theatre is open to basement rec room and kitchen. With the video distribution, the rec room’s 75-inch Sony 4K TV and the theatre can display the same video feed. Perfect for overflow viewing during the big game.

We know that home theaters are often someone’s life long dream, and it was a pleasure to create one for this wonderful client. And, thank you agents who say, “I have a client who needs…”


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