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Electronic House Home Of The Year Awards 2018

Best Home Theater up to $25K



Photography by Brad Montgomery

The Ridge Theater

When we first met these clients they told us they wanted a simple theater. Then they started to explain what ‘simple’ meant.

He wanted a state of the art 4K theater with Dolby Atmos immersive audio for gaming, and as well as the occasional movie.

She wasn’t sure she really wanted the theater but agreed with one condition. She wanted a custom star ceiling and not just any star ceiling. It had to be Tym’s most unique star ceiling.

Over the course of three months, he researched and listened to different speakers. We set up multiple viewing demos, with multiple projectors, and different speakers. It’s probably the most any client of ours has ever researched and demoed projectors and speakers.

He finally decided he wanted Sony’s 365ES 4K projector, Anthem receiver, and most importantly white Revel Floor Standing Speakers.

Next, he needed a way to connect his mouse and keyboard for gaming. The theater is built under a suspended slab garage with concrete walls on all sides, and his gaming Server was located in the media rack on the other side of the home.

Tym’s team wired up a hybrid solution. The team ran a wireless dongle to the room for casual gaming, and for more serious gaming he is able to make a quick connection to hardwire his mouse and keyboard into his server back at the rack. Needless to say, the gaming experience is phenomenal.

She wanted a star ceiling that looked like the milky way. We suggested a coalesced line of stars running on diagonally through the room, with mostly negative space everywhere else.

All Tym Signature Star Ceilings are labor intensive, but this particular ceiling the Tym team did twice. After the initial star ceiling was installed, the builder’s sheetrock company covered all the fiber optics with mud.

The Tym team did its best to salvage the ceiling, but it was no longer the custom ‘piece of art’ that she wanted for her ceiling. So… Tym tore down the ceiling, installed a new ceiling, and this time brought in its own sheetrock team. Tym’s creative director airbrushed a custom mural to compliment the ‘milky way’ esthetic — giving it just the look and feel she was after.

And… we’re happy to report she loves her star ceiling!

The theater is part of a whole home Control4 install. So theater is finished off with automated lighting, a universal remote, and Alexa voice control. Even the stars are automated for maximum control.

Each Home theater install takes on a personality of its own, this one was no different. Two great clients, a perfect gaming experience, and a custom star ceiling. It doesn’t get better than that.

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