Thanks for stopping by THE SMART HOME PROJECT™. If you’re here, odds are you received one of our flyers or saw one of our adds on Facebook.  You’re probably wondering what the THE SMART HOME PROJECT™ is all about? It’s simple really.  We think every home should be a Smart Home, and that starts by showing people the latest and greatest Smart Home Technology.

Think of it as a digital showroom.  You come here to see and learn about the different Smart Home solutions, and which one is best for you. That’s the goal of the THE SMART HOME PROJECT™.  We want to be your go to source for Smart Home information, and in the process help you design your Smart Home.

As we meet with clients, we repeatedly here the following comments:


1. We wish we knew a Smart Home could do all of this before. 

2. We had no idea it was this affordable.  

3. We didn’t know we could put a Smart Home wirelessly in an existing home. 


So we asked ourselves, how can we get this information in front of our clients sooner, and make it more accessible. How can we help both first time and experienced Smart Home buyers navigate all the different Smart Home options, and design the perfect system for your home.  That’s when we came up with the THE SMART HOME PROJECT™.

It sounds simple I know, but we think you’ll like what you find here.  And if you do, please share it with your friends.  We want to help everyone enjoy Smart Home technology.  Again think of it as a Digital Showroom. We’ll use a variety of digital methods to bring as much information to you as we possibly can.
If there’s something you’re trying to do, a home you’re building, or a system you’re trying to retrofit into an existing home, reach out to us.  Send us your plans and a write up of the features you want most, and we’ll help you design the perfect Smart Home.

Check back in from time to time and see how the Smart Home page is growing.  Let us know how we’re doing, and what other information you would like to see here.  If you would like to subscribe to our weekly publications you can sign up here.  It’s painless all we need is a name and email.


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