Is It Easy To Install Your Own Security System

Is It Easy To Install Your Own Security System?

by | Sep 25, 2017 | DIY, Security & Surveillance

Can you really install your own Security System?

Yes!  Seriously. Our 8 year old friend Sadie will show you in a second how simple it is.

DIY Security is hardly new, but the difference today is you don’t have to use run-of-the-mill security equipment.

You can purchase the very best Security on the market, an award-winning system, even a Smart Security System!  And it’s never been easier.

I want to tell you about the Smart Security System, why our process makes it so simple, and why it works for you. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first….

If you’re like most clients, you’re wondering if you can really install a Security System yourself?

Our 8 year old friend Sadie wanted to help. We filmed her installing her Security system in under 10 minutes by herself.

And in case you thought there was some movie magic going on, we left you a link to the unedited version here.


What makes it so easy for Sadie?

It’s a combination of new technology and our process.  Look the reality is you don’t need us at all to program your system.  It’s nearly plug-and-play.

But most Clients are still conditioned that they need a professional company to install their system.  At a minimum, most Clients are a little apprehensive about ‘programming’ their system.

If you’ve ever paired a blue-tooth device to your phone, you can set up your Security System.  But all the same, we want you to feel 100% confident, and that’s where our process comes in.

How Our Process Helps You

When you purchase a Tym Security System, we send it to you fully programmed.  You literally take it out of the box, plug it in, set sensors, and it’s ready to go.

That’s what we did for 8-year-old Sadie, and you saw how easy it was for her.  But to help you understand here’s a brief overview of the process:

1. You Purchase the Security System

2. We Program the System

  1. We activate the Cell Module — so the Security App is ready to go as soon as you plug in the system.
  2. We program and test all the sensors (front door, garage door, kitchen motion, etc)
  3. We label all the sensors so you know exactly where to place them.
  4. We program temporary user codes.

3. We ship the system to you.

4. You receive and then install the Security System in under 10 minutes.

  1. Plug in the Keypad
  2. Install the Door Sensors with provided double-sided tape
  3. Install the motion Sensor with provided double-sided tape
  4. Reset your passcode with easy to follow instructions.

Tahdah!  Your system is installed.  It’s really that simple, and now you have an award-winning Smart Security System with no contracts!

It’s about as plug-and-play as it gets.






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