For our DIY security clients, we currently offer and support the following two systems: Rely; and GoControl.
I’ll walk you through both systems, and as always if you have questions about which system would be best for you,  be sure to reach out to us.


A quick word about 2GIG.  We’ve been using 2GIG since we first opened our doors.  In fact, Tym produced many of their promotional videos.  We’re huge 2GIG fans.  We have no financial incentive, affiliation, ownership, etc, with 2GIG.  We simply believe it’s the best security system on the market.

We’ve sold residential and commercial security systems, both entry level, and advanced level security all over the United States.  It’s our opinion from experience, that 2GIG is the very best DIY Security Solution on the market.

At one time we considered building our own security system, and even started down the path to do so.  However, we concluded that at least for the moment, 2GIG’s family of security systems offers all the variety we need to address the different applications of our DIY clients. And that allows us to focus on the most important part of the job, helping you get the most out of your security system.

Surround Sound, Utah
NEW Rely panel
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Living room surround sound, Utah
Mobile app for Rely
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Rely is the newest member of the 2GIG security family, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

It was designed from the ground up, for YOU to easily install the system in minutes.

There’s no programming, no pairing, no tools needed.  You plug in the keypad and place the sensors with double-sided tape.  You’ll finish your setup in 15 minutes or less.

Tym’s DIY Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 Keypad and Tabletop stand
  • 1 GSM Module for Secure Cellular Service (you won’t need a phone line)
  • 3 Door Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Yard Sign
  • 1 compatible mobile app (*only available with the Interactive Monitoring Plan)
The Rely system is specifically a budget friendly solution.  It’s great for Apartments, Townhomes, and Rental properties.  But it’s capable of covering any small to medium sized home.

The Rely System is able to support up to 16 Security Sensors.  This includes glass breaks, motion sensors, smoke detectors, window sensors, etc.

All the Rely Sensors are compatible with the GoControl system, so if you ever have a need to move beyond 16 sensors, you can upgrade your Rely panel, to the GoControl panel and keep using all your existing sensors.

Mobile App: Rely does have a mobile app.  It allows you to arm/disarm your system remotely, and receive text email notifications.

If you have one of the compatible 2GIG cameras, you can also view the cameras in the app.

The mobile app is only available on the Interactive monitoring plan.

Surround Sound, Utah
GoControl Touch Panel
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Living room surround sound, Utah
Living Room Surround Sound
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The most enticing feature of the GoControl system is its smart home engine.  With GoControl you have all of the following smart home services and features available for integration if you choose:

  • Z-Wave Lighting
  • Z-Wave Climate Control
  • Z-Wave Door Locks
  • Nest Thermostat Control
  • Skybell Video Doorbell Integration
  • Video Camera Support
  • Geo-Fencing (receive arming reminders when you drive away from the home)
  • Activity Sensors (monitor if cabinets or doors are left open)
  • Lutron Shade Integration
  • Amazon Alexa Integration

*hardware sold separately
*requires Advanced Interactive Monitoring Plan features require additional monitoring fees

The App likewise allows you to arm/disarm your system remotely, and receive text email notifications, and the web portal allows you to set up some basic automation with your system if you really want to geek out.

Smash And Grab if an intruder tries to smash your system, the monitoring station will still be notified of any other alarm event

Wifi Connection GoControl2 supports Wifi connection to the monitoring station.  So if you live in a remote area with poor Cell Coverage, you can use the Wifi for your connection.

Now you might be wondering if this kind of a system is really DIY.  In our video with Sadie, she’s actually installing the Go Control Panel.  So it’s very DIY friendly.

We ship the GoControl panel preprogrammed, but if you’re the kind of DIYer that really wants to geek out with the programming, we can give you access to do all the programming yourself.

So which system is best for you?

I like Rely for:

  • Renters
  • Apartments, Condos, and Townhomes
  • Small to Medium Homes
  • Clients looking for quality security on a budget


I like GoControl for:

  • Smart Home Enthusiast
  • Medium to Large Homes
  • Small Business, Office, Restaurants
But honestly, either system would work for all the applications listed.  If you’re not sure, my suggestion is to start with the Rely system.  You can upgrade to the GoControl any time you like, and with our 60 Day Guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

No Contracts!

With our Security Systems, there’s never a contract.  You can upgrade, pause, cancel, reactivate your monitoring anytime you like.


A quick word about monitoring.  Many of our clients ask if the DIY systems are actually monitored.  Yes.  We partner with the best monitoring companies in the industry.  If you’re counting on us to help secure your home, we want to make sure you have the very best monitoring available.





Matt Montgomery, TYM, Salt Lake City, Ut

Named one of Technology Integrator’s Top Talent Under 40, Matt has designed systems for 20 national award-winning projects, including  "Home Theater of the Year", and "Custom Smart Home of the Year" from CTA™ (Consumer Technology Association). His ebook “How To Wire Your Smart Home” is a best seller among professionals and DIY-ers alike.  He has taken classes with Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA). You can watch Matt share the secrets of his craft on YouTube!

Matt is a Golden State fan.




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