IP Control is really a serial connection over the internet.  It can be wireless or hardwired depending on how the connected devices is connected to the home network.  Like serial connections, IP supports 2-way feedback.

IR and Serial connections require a hardwired connection to the Smart Home Controller.  Controllers are limited on their number of hardwired connections.  If you have a larger system with lots of devices that need hardwired connections, it forces you to buy more Controllers so you have the connections available for your devices.  IP helps to resolve this by allowing you to connect over the internet.  IP is a major component of IoT devices, and we’ll see it play an increasingly bigger role in months ahead.  For the time being, the number of IP enabled devices is surprisingly limited, but it’s improving all the time.

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Matt Montgomery, TYM, Salt Lake City, Ut

Matt has designed the audio/video and smart home automation systems for 4 Home of the Year Awards projects from Electronic House & CE Pro magazine, and 3 Mark of Excellence awards from the CTA™ (Consumer Technology Association), including  "Home Theater of the Year", and "Custom Smart Home of the Year". Watch Matt share his secrets on YouTube!

Matt is a Golden State fan.


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