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Greg and Brad Montgomery covered CEDIA Expo 23 in Denver, Colorado exlcusivley for all of you. This page aggregates their cool finds.

A lot of new, exciting technology on display this year at CEDIA expo. As we post new coverage content acorss our social media, we’ll update this page!

NEW Sony Micro LED Displays, OLED TVs, and more at CEDIA Expo

The Sony booth is always towards the top of the list. We were espscially impressed with Sony’s new TV/home theater technologies. QD-OLED televisions, Mini LED televisions, and Sony’s stunning Crystal LED video wall TV were impressive.

We’ve wanted a Sony TV solution to Samsung’s The Frame Tv for years. Here it is!

This is the NEW Studio Frame for Sony Bravia XR TVs by LeonSpecifically built for the Sony Bravia XR X93L Mini-LED TV, which will be releasing later this year and easily attaches around existing models. The Studio Frame for Bravia XR will be available for both the XR-65x93L and XR-75x93L and can be ordered in a variety of Leon’s designer finishes.

There’s also an app that enables the display of digital art when the TV is not in use, making it the perfect choice for areas where you want a TV and digital art.

We got up close with Samsung’s 146” The Wall All-In-One MicroLED TV that’s scalable to fit any space. Imagine having Samsung’s The Wall for your home cinema. Mind-blowing details in everything you watch. Experience vast contrast and incredible detail.

Using tiny LEDs that are substantially smaller than conventional LEDs, the display is powered without backlighting or color filters – just purely sophisticated design.

Price of Samsung’s The Wall Micro LED Display

MSRP $219,999.00 146” 4K MICROLED.

 Ventana is a high-end micro LED tile solution that allow you to create a home theater LED display to suit your space. The image quality is astonishing. This is a competitor to Samsung’s The Wall, LG’s MAGNIT, and Sony’s Crystal LED displays. Ventana’s unique tile construction gives the freedom to curate a bespoke display – fitting seamlessly into the architecture of your home. Think of it as a modular tile surface, not a screen.

Usually reserved for state-of-the-art moviemaking, Ventana’s DCI-P3 & Rec2020 wide color gamut delivers a sensory explosion of ultra-vibrant hues. Ventana’s liquid black finish is intensely luxurious and significantly deeper than other displays, akin to the surface of a beautiful glass subway tile. This is 4X more brilliant than your average OLED TV. At 72 bits per pixel, Ventana offers displays’ video quality like you’ve never seen before bit depth over. 

Price of Ventana MegapixelVR Micro LED Display

Email design@tymhomes.com for additional information and pricing.

High-End Speakers and Audio Gear at CEDIA Expo 2023

CEDIA Expo is like a carnival for home technology, with every booth trying to draw your eyes their way. One product category that always stands out amongst the sensory overload, is high-end speakers.

Its almost impossible to walk by them and not be immediatley drawn to their physical beauty. Even in the cacophony of an exhibition hall, their audio fidelity is apparent and appreciated. 

“DVLED (direct view LED) video wall displays are the future of private home cinema…espcailly as their pricing comes down”

– Brad Montgomery

audiovisual interior designer

Are LED Display Video Walls the Future of Home Theater?

DVLED (Direct View LED) video walls for private home cinema were featured in more booths this year than every before. Large LED displays were this year’s must-have booth item. It seemed like every booth had one on display—even if the booth owner doesn’t sell them. 

The impressive color, contrast, and detail of LED display screens are going to make them a popualr choice for home theater enthusiasts. If pricing comes down, many will weigh the the pros and cons of LED deispays over high-end projector options from the likes of Barco and others.

Currently, expect a MicroLED video wall display for private home cinema to start at six-figures, with extra large configurations exceeding seven.

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