The best wireless Outdoor speaker. Magna Oasis is the NEW backyard speaker everyone is talking about.

This is the best wireless speaker, and our favorite new audio product.

The Magna Oasis combines hi-fi wireless audio with patio furniture. The result is chic and highly fuctional coffee table that will fill your backyard with high quality sound.

We experienced the Oasis in person at CEDIA Expo, and filmed a YouTube video review and interview with Magna co-founder Daniel Lima.

Scroll down to learn about the Magna Oasis fire pit option, Magna Oasis speaker technology, and see how much the Magna Oasis costs.

Premium Wireless Speaker for Outdoor Use, Magna Oasis

courtesy Magna

with optional Fire Pit

Magna Oasis - Premium Wireless Speaker for Outdoor Use

courtesy Magna

with optional Fire Pit

Magna Oasis Brazilian Design and Handcrafted Quality

From a design standpoint, the natural stone surface exudes a quietly luxurious style, complemented by a textured woven cord embracing an aluminum frame, imparting sophistication to any space.

In keeping with Magna’s custom DNA, the Oasis offers a range of 10 natural stone options (including marble, quartzite, and granite) and five woven rope choices, providing an extensive array of finishes to harmonize with any decor. When using the central ice bucket, select from a palette of nine color options.

Premium Wireless Speaker for Outdoor Use, Magna Oasis Fire Pit option

courtesy Magna

with optional Fire Pit

Magna Oasis Fire Pit

Imagine a luxury fire pit that can also fill your backyard with music. The optional fire pit, available in propane or natural gas (CSA Certified), is made from stainless steel and boasting up to 65,000BTU of heat. Choose between a manual or electronic Bluetooth-enabled high/low ignition system to suit your preferences.

Premium Wireless Speaker for Outdoor Use, Magna Oasis Fire Pit option

courtesy Magna

Magna Oasis Speakers and Subwoofers

Magna Oasis Audio Technology and Specifications

Oasis uses an advanced DSP amplifier, propelling six 3” full-range drivers for 360-degree dispersion. There are two 10” subwoofers, delivering frequencies as low as 30Hertz for a rich sound experience with a total power of 200W.

Its HDMI Arc connection seamlessly integrates with TVs, while AirPlay2 or Chromecast enable streaming and multi-room functionality. Additionally, Bluetooth ensures connectivity even in the absence of Wi-Fi.

You can stream your favorite music service from your device directly to Oasis.

Who is Magna?

We only recently learned about Magna. Its a high-end residential home audio speaker company.

Magna’s focus is high-performance speakers—with handcrefted luxury finishes. The Brazillian design make their products look as good as they sound. Home audio jewelry.

How Much Does the Magna Oasis Cost?

MSRP for the Magna Oasis is bewteen $12K to $20K USD. Pricing depends on size, options, and finishes.

Email for more information and pricing.

courtesy Magna

Magna Oasis Wireless Outdoor Speakr Image Gallery

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