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How To Prewire A Smart Home

Can I Prewire My Home? … How Do I Prewire Surround Sound? Are you thinking about doing the prewire for your Smart Home and Audio Video equipment yourself?  Are you wondering if you can do it on your own?  Why not!  Pulling the wire is actually pretty easy.  The... read more

How To Prewire Distributed Home Audio

Audio Distribution ( Link to Audio Distribution Page) is pretty straightforward.  You send music from a central device, to speakers all over the home.  Prewiring your audio is usually simple, but there’s a few choices you need to make first. Are You Doing An Intercom... read more

How To Prewire Video Distribution

Real quick, to make sure we’re all on the same page, Video Distribution (sometimes called Media Distribution) happens when we centralize all the Video Sources for the entire home (Blu-rays, Apple TV’s, Satellite Receivers) into one location. Then the Smart Home system... read more

Is Wired Better Than Wireless?

We’re asked all the time if we recommend prewiring a home still with all the advances in wireless technology.  ABSOLUTELY.  The advances in wireless technology are awesome, you can see our ideas on maximizing the latest and greatest wireless technology on our Smart... read more

How To Prewire Home Security

A lot of people prefer wireless security, and honestly it’s one place where I agree wireless is a good option.  However, in larger homes you can have wireless range issues. So if you have the time, it’s still a good idea to prewire for your security system.  At a... read more

How To Prewire Surround Sound

A lot of people think a surround sound has to be in their ‘Home Theater.’  Obviously it has to have a surround sound, but there’s lots of places that can benefit from a surround sound. And there’s no reason you can’t have multiple surround sounds in the home. ... read more

How To Prewire Surveillance Cameras

We get asked about wireless cameras a lot.  Remember, wireless Cameras still need a power cable.  Since you’re already running a cable for power, why not pull the camera wire with it. There are two types of Cameras.  IP and Analog. IP cameras are ‘Network’ cameras. ... read more

How To Prewire Everything Else

How to prewire iPad wall mounts, keypads, etc. There’s a list of items you’ll want to prewire that really don’t fit into one category.  iPad wall mounts, keypads, fireplace controls, etc.  Here’s a short run down of wire tips for these items. There are two types of... read more

Want to Prewire Your Own Home — We Can Help!

Are you building a home, or remodeling your basement, and thinking about wiring your own Smart Home and Audio/video system, or maybe your Home Theater?  You might be thinking it’s simple enough to pull wire, but I want to make sure I really pull the right wire to the... read more

Building A Home – What Should I Pre-Wire?

What should I pre-wire in my new home?  Should I pre-wire at all, or just go wireless?  These are both great questions. At a minimum, we recommend pre-wiring for your audio/surround, video, and home network needs.  Yes – you can find wireless solutions for all... read more
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