How to wire for the extras

Updated: June 2023

There’s a list of items you’ll want to wire that really don’t fit into a category.  Touchscreens, keypads, fireplace controls, etc.  This isn’t meant ot be exhaustive, but here’s a quick run down of the most common ones we see.

iPad Wall Mounts

Most iPad mounts require a (1) 18/2 to power the mount.  However some mounts require both (1) 18/2 and (1) Cat6.  If you don’t know in advance which mount you’re getting — run both. 


Systems like Control4, Savant, and Crestron have a Touch Screen you place on the wall in lieu of an iPad.  Run (1) Cat6 to these locations. Micros and Nanos

If you’re planning to use you’ll want to run wires for either the Micros or Nanos.  Each device takes (1)Cat6.

Wall-mounted iPad for Smart Home control, Boise, Idaho
Wall-mounted iPad
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Samsung Smart Fridge
Samsung Smart Fridge, CES 2016
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Fireplace Switches

If you have a fireplace that is controlled by a switch, you can tie it into your lighting control.  Run (1) 22/4 to the location of the fireplace switch, and you can tie into the system later.

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