Below is a list of our rates for labor and programming.
Rates are subject to change without notice.

Labor, Programming, and Service

  1. $75 for one service rep
  2. $110 for two Service Reps

We charge one rate for all our labor: hanging TVs; Installing Speakers; loading in Media Racks, Programming Systems, etc.

All Labor is quoted on a job by job basis.


Our prewire rates are priced by ‘the drop’ and in some cases with larger homes, by the square foot. Unless specified for something like Fiber, labor is included in the prewire price.

Custom Programming

  1. $250 Per Hour

At Tym, we work with Clients to design systems where the equipment is compatible.  This minimizes the ‘Custom Programming.’ As such, our normal programming rates are $75 an hour.

However, some Clients bring non-compatible equipment to the project.  Old VHS players, old TVs, Media Servers direct from China, etc.  These items require custom programming.

For these items, we charge $250 an hour, and we make no guarantees about the final performance of the device, and/or custom programming.   Likewise, any service tickets for the same item will be billed at $250 an hour.


All hardware is determined by the manufacturer.

Programming warranty operates on a 6-month basis.  Every 6 months, we give your system a tune-up, the price for the tune-up varies depending on the size of your system.

After a tune-up, we give you a new 6-month warranty on programming, provided no significant changes are made to your system.

  • Purchasing a new router
  • Changing your Internet Service Provider
  • Changing a significant piece of hardware like a TV is considered new programming and would be billed at the regular rate of $75.


Guided Install Clients Nationally

For our Clients who self-install systems as part of our Guided Install program.  Labor rates are built into the price of the system we ship you.

The packages include 5 hours of phone/email support to assist you when you first install, and set up your system.

Thereafter we bill at $75 an hour for phone/email support unless you’re part of one of our Service Programs.




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