How Alexa has changed my smart home — and my life.

In my previous blog post I wrote about why I love my control 4 smart home. Since then we have added an amazon echo and dot to our home.

Almost everyone has seen Iron man and knows who Jarvis is, well Alexa is my version of Jarvis. We finally have a personal home assistant and let me tell you it’s a game changer. But enough about that, lets go over why I love using Alexa.

First off you should know, I am not a very tech savvy person and setting Alexa up to our smart home was as easy as pushing a button. This means that anyone can do it! Just follow the instructions on the Alexa app and in literally minutes you will be ready to go.

Some of her basic skills include looking up traffic reports, the weather forecast, and even looking up simple information on the internet. Then we get into the fun stuff like voice automated lighting control and my personal favorite the ability to play music. I could go on and on about why I love Alexa as a part of my smart home, but I just decided to touch on a few of my favorite things.

Smart Home Kitchen App Salt Lake City, Utah

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Amazon Alexa Control4 Smart Home, Utah

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Lighting Control With Amazon Alexa And Control4

Lighting is the easiest and most popular smart home upgrade. We are all guilty of leaving lights on and racking up that power bill, I know I am. Now anyone can turn lights on and off quickly and you don’t even need your smart phone to do it anymore. Don’t wanna go all the way downstairs to turn off those lights? No problem, just tell Alexa “Lights off”. It is truly as simple as that.

Music Capabilities

Have I mentioned how much I love the speakers on these little guys? You can listen to all your favorite platforms such as: Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon music. Using your voice to control your music allows a more personalized listening experience. You can use commands such as next song, volume up, pause music, and even change the station without ever having to lift a finger.

Amazon Alexa Control4 Smart Home, Utah

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Smart Home Kitchen App Salt Lake City, Utah

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Smart Is The New Sexy

Have you actually seen an Alexa product in a home? The design is so sleek that you actually want to put it on display! They come in white or black to match any home decor. Lets talk about the dot for a minute. This little guy is so small and discrete you can put it virtually anywhere. Small Bathrooms, kitchens, kids bedrooms and even bookcases are a great place for the dot. They have great range too so you don’t have to be right next to it for her to hear you.

In conclusion — though I could go on for several pages — everyone needs a personal assistant even if you don’t know if yet. This makes simple tasks such as making a grocery list, setting reminders, timers and alarms. Getting your daily news and weather forecasts and even playing your morning jam a whole lot simpler. Don’t take my word for it buy an Alexa for your smart home today and see for yourself. I will continue to update you guys on my newest additions to my Control 4 smart home, and show you all of the latest tech.

Heather Parrish, TYM, Salt Lake City, Ut

Heather Schaad

Smart Home Owner & TYM Office Assistant

Heather is an esthetician, beautifying clients in the comfort of her home spa. Along with their dogs, Pawsh & Nixon, she and her husband Riley enjoy relaxing in their Control4 smart home. Heather is also the TYM office assistant/scheduler. 


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