Home automation is all the rage, from the McMansion on the corner to the little bungalow nestled in the woods. It’s not just for rich people, it’s for everyone — including you. Chances are, your home already has a touch of automation — maybe a programmable thermostat, or at least some remote controls. Are you ready to take it to the next level? If you’re not sure, read on to see what you can get with home automation.

Fewer remote controls. They’re the bane of your existence — a half-dozen black and gray rectangles littering your coffee table. No one knows what they’re all for. Well, maybe your teenagers do — or at least they claim to. Automating your home means you can control everything from your smartphone — and you already have that black rectangle.

More money to spend. Yes, automating your home costs money, but it saves you money too. For instance, Nest learning thermostats are better than the programmable ones, because you don’t have to program them — they just know what you want, so they save you money on heating and cooling costs. Other money-saving home automation features include lights that go on and off only when in use. If you forget to turn your appliances off, your system can do that for you too, and it can also program some, such as the dishwasher, to run at off-peak times, saving you on electricity rates.

Your stuff will be safer. Security is a big component of home automation. Door and window sensors, motion detectors, automatic door locks and security cameras all help to keep an eye on your home, family and possessions when you’re away. With select equipment, you can visually monitor your front or back doors, or any room in the house, by simply logging on with your smartphone.
It’s fun. Besides all the great features listed above, some select systems perform functions for you that you would never have dreamed of, such as informing you when you are almost out of a needed food item, letting your dog out when it needs to go, cleaning your cat’s litterbox, and seeing who’s at your front door (yes, a peephole does that too, but you have to get up).

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