How we created this fantasy home theater design inspired by the Barbie movie.

We created a Barbie movie inspired home theater design to celebrate the movie. Director Greta Gerwig’s Barbie popular film has now crossed the coveted 1 billion mark at the global box office. Millions and millions of pink-wearing fans have flocked to cinemas around the world to see the classic toy come to life on the big screen. 

No expense was spared in bringing Barbie’s classic toy inspired world to life. Scenic supplier, Rosco, even ran out of pink paint supplies due to Barbie’s set construction. 

An impressive marketing campaign has also given us the Barbie Dream House Airbnb, and HGTV’s Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.

Render of Tym’s Barbie Themed Dream Home Theater Design

Barbie Inspired Home Theater Design

In honor of this blockbuster movie, we give you our fantasy concept of Barbie’s Dream Home Theatre. A custom Tym Virtual Home Theater Design service concept design that’s an homage to Greta Gerwig’s and her popular film.

Perfect for any Barbie super fan where they can host their closet pals for movie night. This could even be Gerwig’s private screening room.

This Barbie themed home theatre is the perfect addition to any Barbie Dream House or Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.

“I wanted to recreate the fun of the childhood toys, and marry that with grown up sophistication … this is space where you can escape reality.” says Brad Montgomery, Tym’s audio visual interior designer.

“Your home theater should rise up and greet you.”

– Brad Montgomery

audiovisual interior designer

Renders of Tym’s Barbie Themed Dream Home Theater Design

State-of-the-Art Movie Theater System at Home

This is a high-performance audiovisual space, with movie theater quality sound and video systems.

A Barco 4K Laser video projector with 5,000 lumens is tucked away in a projector booth at the back—giving this space a Hollywood screening room feel. 

The screen is a 16:9 200-inch with acoustically transparent fabric.  

Pink stretched fabric covers the walls, concealing the 9 speakers and 4 subwoofers as well as acoustic panels. 

A stretched fabric ceiling is backlit and conceals the 6 in-ceiling height speakers used for creating the multi channel home theatre spatial audio of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.  

The seating is the Gramercy model from Cineak, seen here in pink microfiber. French hems highlight the clean modern lines of these motorized luxury recliners.  

Extensive indirect pink LED cove lighting illuminates the space. Even the stair lights are pink.  

The entire room is controlled by Creston. The lighting, climate, sound system, and video sources are all controlled by Creston Home, from the on-wall keypad, touchscreen at the bar, or the mobile app. 

“Nothing is more classic Hollywood than art deco.”

– Brad Montgomery

audiovisual interior designer

Art Deco Home Cinema Design

 “Nothing is more ‘classic Hollywood’ than art deco, and I use design elements from this iconic period whenever I can.” Says Montgomery. “The subtle deco lines, and finishes are an echo to the classic movie palaces of the past”. 

The home theater layout combines two rows of motorized theater seats with a bar across the back. This has become one of the most popular room layout configurations.

“Your home theater should rise up and great you”, says Montgomery. “It’s you room to escape the pressure of life and are transported to another time and place. This experience should begin when you enter.”

Pink hues dominate the color palette with even the metal on the sconces and door hardware being pink.

We Design Your Dream Home Theater

 Visualize your dream home theater design before your build. Tym’s Virtual Home Theater Design service has helped clients around the world create their own private movie retreat. Solutions for both large and small home theater layouts. We optimize room layout, recomend AV equipment, and even create an interior design unique to you.

200-inch 16:9 acoustically transparent screen

9.4.6 Dolby Atmos/DTS:X home theater spatial audio system

LED lighting for the perfect pink hues

​Cineak Gramercy motorized home theater seating

​Barco Balder Laser 4K HDR10 projector

Crestron room control voice control


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