Spring means allergies, and having a central vacuum system installed is a great way to combat them. Seasonal allergies are generally triggered by the production of pollen, which drifts into your home through open windows and doors, settling on your furniture and floors. Oftentimes pollen is practically invisible, but at this time of year you can frequently see it in the form of a coating of yellow dust on everything. Add in regular household dust and dust mites, pet hair, dander, grass tracked in by the kids and other impurities in your home and you may wonder how you are ever able to draw a breath of fresh air.

BEAM Central Vacuum

Study Proves Worth

Vacuums are designed to suck up dirt and dust from your floors and furniture, but the truth is, many vacuums leave a lot of the dirt behind — or worse, blow it back into the room through the machine’s flimsy air filters. Vacuum cleaner quality varies greatly, as does price, and some are built to better remove more impurities from your home than others. Beam Central Vacuum systems have been proven to remove 100 percent of the dust with which it comes in contact. A recent University of California at Davis study showed that Beam Central Vacuums reduce allergy symptoms. Nasal allergy symptoms were shown to improve 47 percent, non-nasal symptoms 48 percent, eye symptoms 61 percent and sleep improved 44 percent with regular vacuum usage.

Dirt Carried Outside

With a central vac system, the motor is located in a remote part of the house — often the garage or basement, which cuts down significantly on the noise level associated with running the vacuum. A network of pipes is run through the home, allowing a lightweight, portable hose to be plugged into the system at various locations, making vacuuming a snap, but also whisking the dirt away without of chance of redistribution anywhere else in the home. Changing a vacuum cleaner bag often releases dust and other impurities back into the home, but emptying the receptacle for a central vac is always done outside of the main living area, protecting your primary space from being recontaminated with allergens.

Permanent Filter

Beam Central Vacuum system filters are constructed of a special material made by Gore-Tex that prevents dust and other contaminants from sticking to it. The self-cleaning filter never needs replacing, and the vacuum motor never loses suction, so you can expect the same great performance from your central vac every time you use it for years to come.

TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters installs Beam Central Vacuum systems in homes throughout Utah. Central vacuums are easiest to properly install in homes that are under construction, but it is possible to retrofit your home for this type of system. Call TYM today if you are suffering with allergies and are interested in having central vacuum installed in your home.


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