Home automation can be intimidating, but if you’re a beginner planning to get your first system, it can also be exciting. You may be the type of person who isn’t good with gadgets. Years ago, you were the one who couldn’t program your VCR to tape Murphy Brown, and you kept putting the digital camera up to your face looking for the viewfinder. But one important aspect of today’s improved technology is that it’s easier to use — that’s why they call it smart.


Get Comfortable

If you have kept up at all with technological advances and you have a smartphone, automating your household functions will be a snap. If you still have a flip phone and have never texted anyone, it can still be done. The important thing is not to let fear stand in your way. Becoming comfortable with the interface will give you control over the functions in your home.


Trusted Assistant

You have been turning the lights on and off with switches all these years, and you’ve been locking and unlocking the door with a key, so why change now? Two reasons: money and because you can. As you get older, your kids get older. They leave the lights on, they forget to lock the doors, they leave the garage door open and they don’t put gas in the car. Your home automation system can take care of everything but the gas.


Standard Features

You may think you will be spoiling your kids by programming the lights and the door locks — after all, they should take the responsibility to do these things themselves. But they don’t, and you’re either not home or asleep when they need reminding, so these tasks go undone. Besides, automated homes are definitely the wave of the future, and your kids will take these systems for granted once they get out of college. They will one day regale their own children with stories of how when they were little you had to turn the lights on and off with a switch, much like the way you told them about walking up to the television and turning a knob to watch a different show — and there were only four choices!


Good Customer Service

So your first step toward home automation should be small, and you should have someone to hold your hand. Set aside some time to visit a home automation retailer and installer to see what your options are. Start by telling them about your needs for a basic system with which you are comfortable, and see what they suggest. If they immediately start talking over your head, pushing a system that’s too complicated for you, go somewhere else. You want technicians who will match a product to your needs, not ones who want to convert you to a tech geek.

TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters can get you started in home automation today. Their skilled experts have been installing home automation systems for years throughout Utah, Idaho and Texas. They do everything from the initial consultation through installation and follow-up support. Contact TYM Homes today and start yourself on the path to home automation — it’s not for beginners only.


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