Most home security systems are installed not just to protect belongings — although you love those too — but to protect your loved ones. Many homeowners install alarm systems after a break-in, not to safeguard their possessions (obviously, since they’ve been stolen), but because they feel violated, and they don’t want to feel vulnerable in their own homes.

A smart home security system can do more than standard-type systems, however, and this extra capacity can bring you the peace of mind that you want while you’re at work and your kids are at home.

What to Expect

Most home security systems have alarms that sound if windows or doors are breached. Some merely sound at the home, alerting neighbors or passers-by to the possibility of danger, and others also sound at security company headquarters as well. Before calling the police, security staff generally call your home first to check if it is a false alarm, which can cost you if the police respond.

A smart home security system does so much more. It arms all points of egress, including doors and windows, and it also allows you to remotely lock and unlock doors, or set up a schedule for your home to do this in your absence. This is a great feature, because your doors will be locked even if you forget to lock them, and you can also remotely unlock them if a family member forgets his or her key or if you have to let a repair person or other worker into your home.

Another Set of Eyes

Another popular feature in home security systems is the camera. Although security cameras have been around for many years, the newer webcams allow you to log on and see what’s going on in your home at any time.

It’s likely burglars will be scared off by your system and you will never check your webcam and find a burglar strolling through your living room, but you might see your dog trying to get into the trash, you might notice your 9-year-old has friends over when you told him no friends are allowed when you are not home, or you might find your teenager has over that girl you told her you didn’t want her hanging around with anymore, or that boy who is not allowed in the bedroom.

More Than an Alarm

Security systems can alert you when your elementary school kids arrive home from school safely, and they can alert you when your middle schooler doesn’t show up for more than an hour after school has ended.

A smart home security system can not only help keep your kids safe, it can help you properly monitor them when you are not home — like a kind of digital nanny. If you want a home security system that can keep danger away and also provide you with the 411 on your family, call us here at TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters, and get advice from the experts.


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