When you think of home audio, you might think of Sony or KEF, and these are great companies, but Asia and Europe aren’t the only manufacturers of great speakers — we have many right here in the United States.

We have several favorites we sell, and we want you to know what’s great about each.


Klipsch was founded in Indianapolis in 1946 and was a pioneer in bringing to the market horn-type speakers which produced an amplified, brassy sound people loved. Fast-forward more than a half-century and the multimillion-dollar company is still a leading speaker manufacturer, proud of its company philosophy of finishing each speaker by hand, never by machine or in a factory.


Sonos started life in Santa Barbara and quickly became an industry favorite for its technologically advanced wireless speakers and soundbars for every room in your home, including home theaters.


TruAudio is our home-grown speaker dealer, headquartered right here in Utah. Their company philosophy is rooted in their belief that home audio is not something you take out of a box and set on a table, but serious, sensitive equipment that requires professional installation. That’s why you can only buy their equipment from an authorized dealer, and you get a lifetime warranty.

TruAudio’s focus is on architectural speakers, and they just came out with an adjustable-size soundbar. Tell the dealer how wide your TV is, and that’s how wide your soundbar will be.


Sonance, also born in Southern California, markets its products as cutting-edge technology combined with architectural elegance. Where some companies focus on what their speakers look like, Sonance focuses on how best to make them invisible.

The self-proclaimed inventers of architectural speakers, Sonance products are installed in walls, ceilings, home theaters and outdoors. And the only way you’ll know they’re there is when you hear them.


Paradigm, headquartered just outside the United States in Toronto, is a favorite among consumers because their products are high end, but their price tags are lower than some other brands’. They produce a wide range of products and are especially popular for their home theater series.

But as everyone in the market for home audio knows, hearing is believing. So the best way to choose what brand of speakers you want is to listen to each one.

Contact TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters to learn more about our favorite brands, and what we love about each one. We speak technology and English, so we can serve electronics geeks and the gadget-challenged equally well.


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