Home automation was in the limelight again at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas this January. The yearly event draws devotees from the world over, all fired up to see what kind of new toys will be on the market next. The TYM team was in attendance again this year to learn about the latest home technology. Here are a few home automation highlights.

A New Kind of Remote Control

As if you needed another reason to stay glued to your TV, Samsung revealed its new SUHD TV that features along with 4K Ultra HD resolution, and HDR (High Dynamic Range), features a built-in SmartThings smart home hub. Want to use the TV screen to lock the doors? You can. Or turn the lights on or off, or whatever your little heart desires.

The magic dongle that makes it all happen comes free with the purchase of the new TV — and you don’t even have to pay separate processing and handling!

Samsung KS9500 SUHD TV with built-in SmartThings Hub, Salt Lake City

Samsung KS9500 SUHD TV with built-in SmartThings Hub
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Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator CES 2016, Salt Lake City

“Family Hub Refrigerator”, Samsung’s new smart fridge
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Smart Fridge

For the less-lethargic smart-home owner, Samsung debuted a smart refrigerator, the “Family Hub Refrigerator” that lets you control your home’s functions. So if you’re slaving away, packing lunches for the week ahead and the heat’s getting to be too much but you can’t get out of the kitchen, just turn it down, right from the fridge. (Beware: Your partner relaxing and watching Game of Thrones in the next room may be cold and turn it back up via the TV screen.)

This fridge gives you no excuse to ever be out of milk again. It takes a picture of what’s in your fridge every time the door is opened and closed. Samsung claims this is so you can access the pictures from the dairy aisle on your smartphone and get the products that need replenishing, but it’s also a handy device to see when that last piece of pie disappeared.

It also allows you to keep a running grocery list (yeah, we know, you used to do that years ago with paper and pencil) and send the order to the store for delivery or pickup (select stores only).

The Family Hub Refrigerator not only shows Samsung’s continuing innovation, but their commitment to make the “internet of things” and connected home living a reality.

Control4 concept connected car smart home app CES 2016, Salt Lake City

Control4 concept connected car smart home app at the Livio booth, CES 2016
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Control4 concept connected car smart home app salt lake city

Control4 concept app worked via a Ford connected car at the Livio booth, CES 2016
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Smart Car

Control4 trotted out a proof-of-concept smart home app, demonstrating how users can control their home’s automated functions via their car dashboards. The integration of smart car with smart home is a match made in heaven, and one techies will love.

Download the Control4 app to your phone, and you’ll be able to manage your home automation system via your car’s OEM head unit. Simply touch “away,” and your house doors will lock, your thermostat will go down (or up, depending on the season), lights will switch off and any other functions you have selected will occur simultaneously.

You almost wish you could be inside to watch! But that would defeat the point.

Play it out in reverse on your way home by touching “arrive” before you get back so your home is ready and waiting for you, just how you like it.

If you want to see what else is new and exciting in home automation, stop by TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters. We carry the full line of home automation products, and we provide full support and installation services.


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