Samsung has released a new digital art & 4K TV solution called ‘The Frame.’ Its frankly one of the most fun and exciting innovations for the home in a long time.

Is it Art or is it a TV?

Samsung calls it The most beautiful TV you’ve never seen because when it’s in ‘Art mode’ you display your favorite selections from the free curated collection or your own photographs—or the kid’s art for that matter—and they look like actual prints rather than a TV screen.

This is because of the unit’s built-in light sensor, which constantly adjusts the screen’s backlight to match the light of the room, making images look like real prints, even when next placed on a wall next to actual framed prints and photographs.

Samsung Digital Art & 4K TV with Remote + Mobile App

Remote + Mobile App
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Samsung Digital Art & 4K TV with Remote + Mobile App

Great for family photos
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TV Mode

In TV mode the screen is a bright 4K Ultra HD TV will all the usual bells and whistles. The Frame also integrates with Savant and Control4 home automation systems.

No more big, dark TV screen when turned off. When you’re not watching TV, the art mode brings peaceful beauty to the room. And you can change the art anytime you want with the handy remote or with the dedicated mobile app. You can even choose what kind and color of matte you want—or none at all. It’s totally customizable.

Samsung Digital Art & 4K TV Mode

“The Frame makes displaying and enjoying your digital art both affordable and highly functional since it doubles as a 4K TV. … And it’s a lot of fun!”

— Brad Montgomery, Creative Director, TYM

Samsung Digital Art & 4K TV with Remote + Mobile App, Blends into surroundings

Blends into surroundings
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Samsung Digital Art & 4K TV with Remote + Mobile App, Optional Stand

Optional Stand
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Aesthetics in mind

Designed for Samsung by industrial designer, Yves Béhar, The Frame is clearly a design-focused product for those who want to not only display digital art and photos but avoid the big dark void of a TV not in use. It can be mounted flush or nearly flush depending on your wall outlets, allowing it to blend into its surroundings.

Choose your flavor

The Frame comes standard with a black frame, but like the images here, you can customize it with additional accessories like snap on frames in walnut, beige wood, or white.

We were so excited about this new product, that we put one on our Sandy showroom — come experience it for yourself!

9284 South 300 West in Sandy (next to Sprinkler World)  9 AM – 5 PM Mon-Fri, or by appointment.

Matt Montgomery, TYM, Salt Lake City, Ut

Named one of Technology Integrator’s Top Talent Under 40, Matt has designed systems for 20 national award-winning projects, including  "Home Theater of the Year", and "Custom Smart Home of the Year" from CTA™ (Consumer Technology Association). His ebook “How To Wire Your Smart Home” is a best seller among professionals and DIY-ers alike.  He has taken classes with Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA). You can watch Matt share the secrets of his craft on YouTube!

Matt is a Golden State fan.




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