What would it take for you to feel secure? Home security systems aren’t like they used to be — alarms alerting you or the police to the presence of burglars. Now they arm every facet of your home, plus dim your lights and adjust the temperature.


Go!Control by 2GIG

The Go!Control System by 2GIG is an industry favorite. Their full-color control panel allows you to perform dozens of functions with the swipe of a finger, but you can also use your computer or your smartphone to log on and make adjustments. One especially great aspect of this system is that it uses a cellular connection, so you don’t need a landline. It was not uncommon years ago for burglars to plan to cut phone lines prior to breaking into a residence, thereby disabling the system and granting themselves unfettered access. But that method won’t work with a Go!Control.


Access Control

The basic security package includes 10 window sensors, 5 recessed door sensors and a motion sensor, all wireless and practically invisible. You also get smart door locks — keyless, codeless and secure. These amazing barriers to the outside world let you grant access to — or take it away from — anyone you want with the touch of a button. If you’re going to be late and you’re afraid your dog can’t wait, you can grant access to your neighbor to come let Buster out into the back yard. Or if things aren’t going as smoothly as you thought with your new significant other, you can easily rescind his or her access to your home electronically — no more awkward interactions!

2GIG Home Security $29/mo. No Contracts. No Activation Fees. Salt Lake City, UT


24/7 Observation

If you’re concerned about remembering who you gave access to and who has been coming and going in your home, there’s a feature for that. You can choose to be alerted by text or email when anyone has entered or exited the home, and if you get the top-of-the-line model with an HD indoor camera, you can even receive a picture of the person doing the arming. You will know if your kids got home in time, if they brought friends home, who they were and how long they stayed.


All This and More

Your system will also allow you to control your thermostat, garage door opener and lights either onsite or remotely. And burglars aren’t the only ones that threaten a home’s safety — natural disasters do as well, so including a smoke alarm in the package means extra protection for you and the contents of your house.

All these extra features add up to save you money. You never have to worry about turning off the lights and turning down the thermostat with a 2GIG security system — it’s all done at the touch of a button. TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters offers a selection of home security package options with varying features to fit each customer’s needs. TYM has 2GIG home security packages starting at $29/mo. — No contracts, no activation fees. Call them today to learn what kind of home security system would be best for you.


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