DTS is challenging Dolby Atmos on the home theater front with its latest advancement in audio technology.


Dolby Was First

Dolby Atmos pioneered theater-quality sound for homes, making equipment available to consumers that was previously only suitable for the multiplex. It was only a matter of time before competitors were on their heels, and DTS is proud to be a true threat. DTS says its new product “leverages object-based audio to enable new audio experiences in immersion and interactivity.” But what if you don’t speak high-techese? No problem — we’ll translate.

Channeling the Source

Height channels allow sound to come to your ears from different parts of the room, making your experience more lifelike. The sound of rain pouring down seems to be coming from the sky than your electronic equipment. All the better for your immersive experience. But DTS has distanced itself from this type of framework, billing its product as free of channel restrictions. And indeed, part of what makes the DTS:X speakers extra-revolutionary is that you can put them anywhere you want. Previously, it had been critical that speakers be placed in the right spots — overhead, in front of and behind the audience — so that the sounds could emanate from the proper locations. DTS claims it “makes sound move,” so your speakers can go in any spot that’s convenient for your room’s layout. Surround sound doesn’t have to mean surround speakers.

Get The Right Stuff

The key to this advancement is the receiver and the speakers, which have at least to be compatible but ought to be ideal. Make sure you consult a knowledgeable professional when you’re considering investing in this exciting new technology so you get the best sound quality for your money. Otherwise, it might be like cooking a kobe steak in a microwave — wasteful. The equipment also allows you to make your own adjustments, for a more personal experience. Any part of any programming that is difficult to hear or decipher, or any sound that may be too loud or distorted to come through clearly to your ears, can be recalibrated just for you.

What Will You Watch?

For the full experience, you’ll also need properly encoded content, and so far, the list of availables is pretty short, but it includes Ex Machina , which was nominated for a couple of Oscars (best screenplay and best visual effects). However, while you wait for more titles to be available, the movies you already have will work, and they’ll sound a lot better. If you’re interested in learning more about the new DTS:X, contact the experts at TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters.  We sell the top of the line in wired and wireless home theater components.

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