Some exciting developments on the home security front debuted at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas last month. Check out what’s going to be available this year to help you keep your family, home and possessions safe.

LG Monitor

Is it a piece of art or a home security device?

LG Electronics is testing the home security waters with its new Smart Security Solution, a monitoring system that’s not just utilitarian — its sleek, black design can make your living spaces more attractive too!

It’s true that it may not have a lot of innovative tricks up its sleeve, but it performs such a wide variety of motley tasks that you’ll soon be expecting it to take out the garbage.

A short list of its features includes:

  • 152-degree monitoring capability (can store or stream footage)
  • Motion sensors with notification
  • Remote access to monitor
  • 100-decibel siren
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Doubles as a smart home hub
  • Supports wireless formats
  • Ezviz Camera

Security cameras are pretty commonplace, but most private homes don’t have them outdoors. This is because electronics built to withstand the elements are expensive, so these cameras are more often popular with businesses.

Ezviz has changed all that by coming out with the Mini Cube, an outdoor surveillance camera that’s only $110. These cameras may be small and cute, but they’re powerful.

The Mini Cube has night vision up to 30 feet (and it doesn’t even need goggles!), and the motion sensor alerts it to the presence of any “visitors.”

These motion sensors allow the Cube to slip into standby mode when no threat is present, helping to save battery power (although you can plug it in if you have a conveniently located power source). The beauty of this battery-powered dynamo is that you can take this sophisticated protection with you anywhere you go.

Master (Smart) Locks

Don’t you hate it when you forget your keys?

If you don’t have any, this won’t ever happen to you.

Master Lock, a company that’s been keeping your stuff safe for almost 100 years, has come out with a new smart (keyless) padlock. Simply download the app and use your phone to open your padlock.

This is especially handy when locking up a bicycle — everyone always has their phone with them, but keys can get lost, leaving you stranded. But alas, even if you should be without your phone for some reason, you still can gain access to your goods with a directional swiping code (set it up before you use it to ensure its availability).

If you’re interested in finding out more about what kind of security devices might work best for your needs, talk to the experts at TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters. We can show you what kind of protection is available and help you decide on a security system for your home.


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